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Monday, September 12, 2005

Confiscation of firearms in New Orleans is illegal

By Aussiegirl

This is why most conservatives oppose the registration of firearms. In the event of emergencies, hysterical overreaction by hapless officials is liable to lead to confiscation of the only weapons people have at their disposal to protect their life and limb and property when the police have failed to keep law and order. It is precisely for self-defense and the organizations of citizen militias that the Constitution expressly allows for the ownership of guns. It seems that in New Orleans the criminals are allowed to roam free and only law-abiding citizens are illegally arrested and removed from their homes and also have their firearms illegally siezed. While the Democrats scream about the violation of human rights by the Bush administration, and fear the imposition of martial law in some paranoid fantasies about Bush creating all these disasters for that purpose, it is precisely Democrats who are the first to violate citizens rights. Personally if feel that citizens should be free to remain in their homes if they so choose -- even if it is dangerous to do so. It's also dangerous to mountain climb, scuba dive and drive -- but the government doesn't arrest you for it. Many of the homes in New Orleans have remained dry -- why should people who are well provided for with water and food be forced to leave? These citizens will be the first ones on the scene to start the rebuilding. How is it that liberals simultaneously argue that homeless people, even though mentally ill, should be allowed to remain on freezing streets and not forced into shelter, while at the same time arguing that citizens in full control of their mental capacities and in full possession of the means to sustain life, should be forcibly removed from their homes and arrested?

Read the story from the Hawaii Reporter:

In the nearly two weeks since Hurricane Katrina, the government of New Orleans has devolved from its traditional status as an elective kleptocracy into something far more dangerous: an anarcho-tyranny that refuses to protect the public from criminals while preventing people from protecting themselves.

At the orders of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, the New Orleans Police, the National Guard, the Oklahoma National Guard, and U.S. Marshals have begun breaking into homes at gunpoint, confiscating their lawfully-owned firearms, and evicting the residents. "No one is allowed to be armed. We're going to take all the guns," says P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of police.

Last week, thousands of New Orleanians huddled in the Superdome and the Convention Center got a taste of anarcho-tyranny. Everyone entering those buildings was searched for firearms. So for a few days, they lived in a small world without guns. As in other such worlds, the weaker soon became the prey of the stronger. Tuesday's New Orleans Times-Picayune reported some of the grim results, as an Arkansas National Guardsman showed the reporter dozens of bodies rotting in a non-functional freezer.

In the rest of the city, some police officers abandoned their posts, while others joined the looting spree. For several days, the ones who stayed on the job did not act to stop the looting that was going on right in front of them. To the extent that any homes or businesses were saved, the saviors were the many good citizens of New Orleans who defended their families, homes, and businesses with their own firearms.


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