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Monday, October 03, 2005

Supreme Court

By Aussiegirl:

As for the Supreme Court nomination -- I can't lie -- I'm thoroughly and completely stunned and disgusted with the choice of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court.  Even though I fully expected Bush to make this choice -- in my gut I was hoping I was wrong.  Once again, political expediency and cronyism has won the day and the President has run from a political fight, one that needed to be waged.  There was no shortage of qualified and distinguished candidates, but Mr. Bush has evidently not asked himself the question “Why not the best?” and has instead asked himself – “Why not the easiest?”

Having been handed a great and historic opportunity to nominate at least two, and perhaps more, candidates to the Supreme Court in order to change its direction, Mr. Bush has punted and once again turned to an unknown in his inner circle. The charge of cronyism will be very hard to avoid after this nomination.

I'm sure they are high-fiving themselves in the White House today in their glee that they have done another end-run around the democrats, giving them even MORE of a stealth candidate than Roberts was -- as if the short-term avoidance of a political fight and being too-clever-by-half were the be all and end all of politics.  They have sadly also done an end-run around conservatives.  

I'm afraid this shows that Bush is afraid of a fight --and in the end -- not a serious person, because given the importance and gravity of the situation it is un-serious in the extreme to nominate someone like Harriet Miers, who has simply no qualifications other than being Mr. Bush’s personal lawyer.  I see no such serious person on the horizon either. Is the age of great leaders past us?  Are we now facing the stark fact that the baby boom generation is not ready-for-prime-time?

Where Reagan brought common sense and solid ideas to the table along with his civility and seriousness of purpose, the Bushes have brought un-seriousness, craftiness in the pursuit of dubious goals, and have created dissension and rancor within the party, especially among conservatives, while completely failing to appease the left and the media.

It's all disheartening and demoralizing in the extreme.



At 7:59 AM, Blogger Billy D said...

I can get by the cronyism. But it's what she supports that kills me. The International Criminal court, homosexual adoption, she's courted by every gay and lesbian alliance there is...
And hem she claims the mantra of "Evangelical Christian". Amazing.

At 8:15 AM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

I know what you mean, Aussiegirl; I fear we may actually have lost ground under this President. The whole purpose of my support for Bush was the Supreme Court, and he has probably failed us miserable for political expediency. Had he fought when the first seat opened the Democrats would have tried to filibuster and the Republicans could have instituted the ``nuclear option``. Now it`s too late, and so the President has to dredge up someone unknown or lose a confirmation battle.

When Harry Reid is the person who recommended her, you know she is not a conservative in the mold of Scalia or Thomas.

Hey Billy

``The International Criminal court, homosexual adoption, she's courted by every gay and lesbian alliance there is...``

I hadn`t heard those particulars! Oh, boy!

At 9:08 AM, Anonymous rod stanton said...

Will someone tell me how the liberals took control of the GOP?

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Jo macDougal said...

Liberals took control of the GOP by getting another Bush to head the party. Naive conservatives got taken, again.

At 9:48 PM, Blogger TJ Willms said...

Naive conservatives? What other choice was there? McCain? Not likely!

Dubya was the "best" candidate on offer at that time and there are damn few prospects for 2008 that even measure up to him. It’s becoming discouraging indeed to call myself a Republican these days. Bush has been a monumental disappointment in so many areas why should his nominees be remarkable? Besides, he’s putting all of his energy into ramming his guest-worker program through congress next month.

Every time this president should be moving with a sense of purpose he wavers, when he should project strength he gets intimidated, and when he needs to stick to his guns he acts overwhelmed and throws up his hands.

President François W. Bush, has a nice white flag waving kinda ring to it . . . .


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