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Thursday, November 10, 2005

They're coming for your internet

By Aussiegirl

Bravo to Norm Coleman, one man sourge of the United Nations. Having successfully exposed the "Oil for Food" scandal, and whacked the odious George Galloway and lots of UN toadies in the process, Coleman now turns his attentions to attempts by the UN to control the internet. Hat tip to TJ Willms at Twisted Steel. Check out TJ's blog for some great analysis of this situation too.

WSJ.com - Beware a 'Digital Munich'

It sounds like a Tom Clancy plot. An anonymous group of international technocrats holds secretive meetings in Geneva. Their cover story: devising a blueprint to help the developing world more fully participate in the digital revolution. Their real mission: strategizing to take over management of the Internet from the U.S. and enable the United Nations to dominate and politicize the World Wide Web. Does it sound too bizarre to be true? Regrettably, much of what emanates these days from the U.N. does.

The Internet faces a grave threat. We must defend it. We need to preserve this unprecedented communications and informational medium, which fosters freedom and enterprise. We can not allow the U.N. to control the Internet.


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