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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Martyr Mom had many accomplices

By Aussiegirl

Jonah Goldberg has an excellent article in Wednesday's Jewish World Review about Martyr Mom (whom I wrote about below), the Hamas landslide, and a 1996 book entitled "Hitler's Willing Executioners", whose thesis, he writes, was straightforward:
The German people were in on the Holocaust; German culture and history harbored and nurtured an "exterminationist" version of anti-Semitism that simply awaited ignition from Nazism's torch.
Jonah goes on to say, referring to Germany's elections, that
Democracy can be wonderful, but some of its boosters across the ideological spectrum assume that all democratic outcomes are good outcomes, and that's nonsense
. Jonah ends his article with these perceptive words:

There are serious differences between German or Italian fascism and Hamas' Islamism. But these are largely intellectual and academic distinctions. As a social phenomenon, the Palestinians voted for politicians such as Mrs. Farahat. She belongs to a brutal, terroristic, irredentist, militant organization dedicated to restoring national pride at the expense of exterminating millions of people, who just happen to be Jews. This was no secret, and it is a form of condescension bordering on infantilism to assert that the Palestinians didn't know what they were voting for. If the new government had the means, it would be Palestine's willing executioners.
Recognizing this fact doesn't automatically mean we should treat the Palestinians like cartoon villains who can never change. That's as foolish as assuming they didn't know what they were getting when they cast a ballot for Mrs. Farahat.


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