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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why the outrage? Thomas Lifson's on the case

By Aussiegirl

Thomas Lifson continues to investigate and expose the dangerous game the Muslim world is playing with this manufactured rage over these Danish cartoons. Don't miss this as it's chock-full of fascinating facts.

Why, for instance, when these cartoons appeared in September, is the outrage only now being expressed? Learn how various Imams, in a carefully crafted campaign, which includes false and manufactured "insulting" cartoons, deliberately lied and created the outrage, while simultaneously lying to the western press. Also learn about the Islamic tradition of taqiya, which instructs Muslims that it is permissible to lie to infidels in order to further the aims of Islam. Read about how it is NOT forbidden to publish images of Mohammad and that such images can be found even now in Iran and other places in the Muslim world.

Lifson understands the creeping danger that this sort of manufactured rage holds for the future of free expression in the west. Before you know it, we will be adhering to all sorts of Muslim prohibitions in our own countries for fear of offending some Muslim somewhere. Burkas anyone?

The American Thinker

In other words, this was indeed a campaign, planned by important members of the Islamic world’s power structure, intended to force Denmark to comply with Sharia requirements. A new norm, that a western nation would conform to Sharia regardless of its free exression tradition, would be on the way to being established. Let a few more small nations succumb and someday a United States Supreme Court Justice might cite such behavior as a precedent in a decision.


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