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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Guests or gate crashers?

By Aussiegirl

Short and sweet -- as usual Thomas Sowell cuts through the verbiage and lays it on the line. It's not true that there are jobs that Americans will not do -- there are jobs that Americans can not afford to take because the wages are artificially depressed by illegal workers.

Another statistic heard on this morning's Laura Ingraham show -- we hear how everything in the economy is going up -- stock market, productivity, growth, etc. -- all except for one crucial factor -- real wages -- wages for the bottom 50% of American workers have gone DOWN since the early 90's -- courtesy of outsourcing of jobs and illegal immigration.

We are heading for a society much like South America -- with an elite wealthy class and a vast underclass of those who do the dirty work. The middle class is getting squeezed out -- politicians of both parties are elites - there's not a whit of difference between them -- they are only vying for power because the party in power collects more of the goodies.

Thomas Sowell

Immigration is yet another issue which we seem unable to discuss rationally — in part because words have been twisted beyond recognition in political rhetoric.

We can't even call illegal immigrants "illegal immigrants." The politically correct evasion is "undocumented workers."

Do American citizens go around carrying documents with them when they work or apply for work? Most Americans are undocumented workers but they are not illegal immigrants. There is a difference.

[...] Since existing immigration laws are not being enforced, how can anyone say that it would not do any good to try? People who get caught illegally crossing the border into the United States pay no penalty whatever. They are sent back home and can try again.

What if bank robbers who were caught were simply told to give the money back and not do it again? What if murderers who were caught were turned loose and warned not to kill again? Would that be proof that it is futile to take action, when no action was taken?

Let's hope the immigration bills before Congress can at least get an honest debate, instead of the word games we have been hearing for too long.


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