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Monday, March 27, 2006

Latest Ukraine voting results from Neeka's Backlog

By Aussiegirl

Here are the latest polling results courtesy of Neeka's Backlog. Check the site for lots of photos and background information on what is happening on the ground in Ukraine. She's doing a great job.

If these results continue to hold it just may be possible that Viktor Yushchenko's "Our Ukraine" bloc and Yulia Tymoshenko's bloc will have about 40% of the vote between them. They will most likely announce a coalition possibly, as was rumored last night, with the fourth placing Socialist Party of Moroz.

It may not have been such a bad idea for Yulia and Viktor to split up prior to the election, as I think by using a good cop/bad cop strategy they were able to garner more votes separately than they could have together. We'll see if I'm right. If so, Yulia Tymoshenko would be most likely named PM again, and we would hope that she and Viktor could come to some agreements on cooperating together.

BTW -- the Ukrainian Socialist Party claim that they are Socialists in the Swedish model -- and not communists in disguise -- well, we all know politicians and what they say -- still -- as a distant fourth they don't hold much power unless they form a coalition with some other parties. The communists polled a measely 3.53% so far, so at least they are totally out of the picture.

Like sausage making, it's an ugly process -- let's hope the end result is going to be palatable for Ukraine's continued steady, slow progress to a functioning free-market economy and vibrant democracy.

Neeka's Backlog

50.50% counted, here's the breakdown:

Party of Regions - 27.34%
Yulia Tymoshenko's Bloc - 23.52%
Our Ukraine Bloc - 16.27%
Socialist Party - 6.89%
Communist Party - 3.53%
Lytvyn's Bloc - 2.63%
Kostenko+Plyushch - 2.33%
Vitrenko - 2.27%
Pora-PRP - 1.47%


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