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Friday, March 24, 2006

Outcry rises over Afghan Christian convert

By Aussiegirl

Like the Cartoon Jihad before it, this case is becoming another tipping point in the ongoing civilizational struggle with Islam. Islam is pushing back -- as we all knew it would -- all those rosy predictions about how democracy would sweep the Middle East and revolutionize and pacify the world are pie in the sky. We have to recognize that the enemy we are facing is far more dangerous and insidious than a few insurgents with IED's in Iraq -- the enemy is the murderous cult of Islam, which is what these people believe in deeply -- more deeply than any of our transplanted notions of freedom and democracy. Sadly, the Bush administration seems to be trying to avoid the elephant in the living room in order to be culturally sensitive and politically correct in order to garner Muslim votes at election time. You can't fight the war on terror if you do not name the enemy.

Outcry rises over Afghan Christian convert - Yahoo! News

KABUL (Reuters) - Growing international pressure on Afghanistan to respect the religious freedom of a Christian convert was met in Afghanistan on Friday by a clamor of calls for the man to be executed for denying Islam.
The controversy over 40-year-old Abdur Rahman, whose trial is due to begin next week, threatens to drive a wedge between Afghanistan and Western countries that are ensuring its security and bankrolling its development.

[...] Virtually everyone interviewed in a small sample of opinion in several parts of the deeply conservative, Muslim country on Friday said Rahman should be punished.

Religious and political figures meeting at a Kabul hotel said the government should ensure Islamic law is enforced.

The group included former prime minister Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai and a senior Shi'ite cleric who commanded anti-Soviet forces in the 1980s, Asif Mohseni, who said Rahman should be executed.


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