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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Why we fight?

By Aussiegirl

What a mistake it was not to insist that sharia law NOT be considered the supreme law of the land when they sat down to write their constitution -- like we forced the Japanese to change their view of their emperor. So all our soldiers have died for nothing over there. Who knows, they may begin to force women to start wearing the burqa again.

Here's another thought. If population tendencies continue as they are, Holland will, around 2030 or so, be majority Moslem, which means that, in the wonderful Western tradition of democracy, the majority can vote sharia law to be the law of the land. So, here we have a European country, with a long history of civilization, in which a Moslem who wishes to convert to Christianity will face execution -- like in Afghanistan today. All of a sudden things have changed. It's one thing for 7th century tribesmen to condemn someone to death for apostacy. It's quite another for 21st century Westerners to see their country taken over by 7th century tribesmen masquerading as 21st century Hollanders, and all their sacred ideals and principles put to the sword. Maybe this vision is why Europeans are much more upset by this turn of events in Afghanstan than we Americans are.

FrontPage magazine.com :: To Kill an "Apostate" (or Homosexual) by Andrew G. Bostom

This past week has provided two glaring examples of the pitfalls of allowing that “no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam,” as per the new constitutions of the vox populi elected governments in Afghanistan and Iraq. With major input from the U.S. State Department, both constitutions installed Islam as the official state religion and made ancient Islamic religious law, Shari’a, a primary guiding source for these legal systems.

[...] With grim predictability, an Afghan Muslim convert from Islam to Christianity, Abdul Rahman, was arrested, charged with “apostasizing” from Islam, and according to the March 19, 2006 statement of the presiding judge, Ansarullah Mawlavezada, faces the death penalty. Apostasizing from Islam to any other religion is punishable by death under the Shari’a.

[...] According to a March 16, 2006 report from a London-based gay rights group, Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, the supreme religious authority for Shi'ite Muslims in Iraq and an icon for Shi’a worldwide, has apparently decreed that gays and lesbians should be put to death “in the worst manner possible”. Confirmation of this claim is provided at Sistani’s own official website, specifically this page, item 5, from a question and answer section, which translates:

Q: What is the judgment on sodomy and lesbianism?
A: Forbidden. Those involved in the act should be punished. In fact, sodomites should be killed in the worst manner possible.

[...] These disturbing current events—a prosecution for “apostasy” in Afghanistan, with a potential death sentence imposed, and the sanctioning of the brutal murder of homosexuals by Iraq’s most influential “moderate” cleric—are entirely consistent with the Shari’a. They underscore how Islamic societies must embrace the pluralistic spirit of the Western Enlightenment if they are to be meaningfully reformed. Muslim scholar Bassam Tibi’s observations are particularly apposite, and reveal what our objectives for Afghanistan and Iraq should be:

In the context of religious tolerance-and I write this as a Muslim- there can be no place…for Shari’a …Shari’a is diametrically opposed to secular constitutions formulated by the people… I hold out for the superiority of common sense over religious faith (i.e., absolute religious precepts); individual human rights (i.e., not collective human rights); secular democracy based on the separation of religion from politics; a universally accepted pluralism; and a mutually accepted secular tolerance. The acceptance of these values is the foundation of a civil society.


At 2:38 PM, Anonymous scribe said...

Perhaps the reader may entertain notions that what’s happening to this Afghan Christian is merely an incident of intimidation that’s occurring far away from us and therefore of little threat to us. In your American cities, there have been a big influx of muslim immigrants that were relocated here during the Clinton Administration—mostly notably Bosnians and Somalians. A smaller number of Afghans came later, many of whom were former Communists and the rest were muslims who were escaping the Taliban. A great number of widows with small children constituted this group.

In my city, a number of muslim immigrants were quickly hired by local aid agencies to help in the distribution of Federal relocation funds. These workers are not well supervised by American supervisors, who depended upon their muslim workers to act as interpreters as well as to handle the paperwork of other immigrants. The muslim workers invariably made sure that only certain immigrants got any Federal benefits and housing assistance—the ones who were left out were the Russian Jews, Indians, Africans and other non-muslims. Even the Afghan muslims got little support from their Bosnian and Somalian muslim brethren, who diverted our tax-payer funds to their communities, mosques, or into their pockets. Because these workers handled much of the paperwork on all immigrants coming into my city, they had access to all the information on every immigrant that arrived. This information on every muslim immigrant was quickly funneled to the local mosque.

In addition, the local mosque would make sure that the muslims did not make friends with Americans, especially with Christian aid agencies. Their agents were placed even in local stores, such as grocery stores, to watch who was associating with whom. If I hadn’t seen it myself I wouldn’t have believed that such a network of mafia-like intimidation had formed here. If the immigrants associated too much with the wrong people, they soon found themselves threatened, and in several cases where there had been conversions to Christianity, the mosque would issue a fatwa calling for the killing of that person. The new Christian would end up leaving town in a hurry.

To make matters worse, most of the local churches had little or no interest in ministering to these immigrants to give them a dependable escape from this mafia. The local aid agency never questioned how the funds were being distributed by their muslim workers.

So that’s what going on here—right under our noses in the U.S.A. That's why this man's religious rights needs to be defended--no matter where he is--because this problem is now everywhere.


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