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Monday, March 20, 2006

"Perfect love that casts out fear"

By Aussiegirl

Scribe pens a cri du coeur in response to the article posted below about the Afghan man who converted to Christianity, and now faces a death penalty for his crime under Afghanistan's sharia law.

I simply have to respond to this eloquent and passionate statement, which makes so many vital and telling points. Yes, indeed, it is the greatest evil that cults like Islam and even Communism perpetrate, in that they destroy all living memory of the great cultures and civilizations that preceded them, and into the empty vessels of human souls left bereft of civilizing art and faith they pour their unctious poison.

Yes, it's true -- Islam destroys whatever indigenous culture it finds in whatever civilization it invades. It has done so, as Scribe says, in Afghanistan -- it is engaged in the same destruction of Persian culture in Iran -- it will do the same in Europe once it takes a stranglehold there. Everything that is not Islamic is anathema to them -- is pagan and therefore to be despised and destroyed. They want to destroy the pyramids and all the great archeological treasures of Ancient Egypt, because they view them as blasphemous paganism.

Perhaps we have hit on the very nub of the problem when we face the fact that, indeed, Islam seeks to destroy man's memory of his past, and so does Communism. What Islam (and Communism too) cannot bear, cannot allow, cannot tolerate, is to allow man the freedom to create and to interact, as Scribe so eloquently puts it, in the free exchange of love with a loving creator, and to engage in the divine act of creation through works of art, music, literature and science.

COMMENTS: Scribe wrote:

The Afghan man is very brave—certainly braver by an order of magnitude more than many of our Christian leaders who have so shamelessly devalued Christianity for ecumenical politics or moral corruption in recent years. Because our ignorant politicians and their advisers have allowed Afghanistan to write sharia law into their constitution, the only way this man can live with his new religion is if he escapes, or is ransomed or is exiled to the West. His plight will be ignored, as usual, by too many in our flabby, indifferent world which has ignored many persecutions and massacres in the past. When will this spinelessness stop? Karzai has been making some noises that he will fall into the sharia line to placate the savagery of the hard-line muslim warlords. Were we fooled by his smooth, Westernized accent into believing he might actually stand up for democracy? Did we think a leopard could change his spots? Our Western leaders will probably not do much better, especially since too many of them don’t know what they believe or why.

The world by now has probably forgotten the near total destruction by the Taliban of Afghanistan’s culture and archaeological artifacts that dated back 5,000 years. Perhaps this mean nothing to many who are fed on the pap that comes from the boob-tube culture, but the Taliban’s total destruction of the culture of its own people is a picture of the future foretold in Orwell’s novel 1984. That is what a totalitarian society does—it pervert and destroys one’s identity and memory so completely, so that future generations, living under a totalitarian regime, have nothing to measure the enormity of the regime’s lies against.

The Free World defined: it is NOT those enslaved to their passions and cravenness who have perverted democracy to their corrupted ends and thereby disgraced its principles. The Free World is comprised of those who dare to grow and mature to the highest, most honorable, and finest caliber of human being. The extremes of left and right pretend to move humanity towards a high goal—towards a mankind of their imagination and making--but they move humanity towards it AS A HERD.

Yet, here is a poor Afghan man who dared to convert to a different religion not because he seeks something to so regulate his every move so that he doesn’t have to think. He converts because he wants a relationship with a loving Creator, not a god of merciless law supported by fear and revenge. He wants freedom of mind and spirit, he wants the freedom to love and be loved by God. It is this “Perfect Love that casts out Fear” that is the most daring concept of freedom in the universe, something Islam fears to allow, and that too many bleary Western leaders in their ignorance and cynicism denigrate.


At 4:29 AM, Blogger TJ Willms said...

Another wonderful post Aussiegirl, Scribe sums up the West’s ongoing courtship with its own demise at the hand of the radical Islam in a single line...

"especially since too many of them (Western Political leaders) don’t know what they believe or why."

This lone Afghani man (if his sentence is pronounced and carried out as expected under Sharia law) will exemplify for Christians the sacrifice required of a true martyr. One who chooses to suffer extreme punishment even death rather than renounce religious principles.

Not all in keeping with the modern Muslim definition of one who blows him/herself to bits in order to receive that harem of an indeterminate number of virgins and dwell in a land with rivers of honey for services rendered. Clearly, Islam has no respect at all for those of other religions and reserves its harshest judgment for those who dare to convert from Islam.

Religion of peace and respect indeed!

At 6:08 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Now here is a man who is on the fast track to Sainthood; he will probably be martyred, yet he proclaims Christ in spite of it!

Our liberal friends are strangely silent on the intolerance of the Islamic world.


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