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Saturday, March 18, 2006

A tale of two cities -- a tale of two civilizations

By Aussiegirl

Another depressing view into our future. Once the Moslems are a majority in these countries, they then, following the democratic procedures that the Europeans have died for, can elect themselves into office and, democratically and legally, set about imposing sharia law upon the unfortunate non-Moslem minority. Can this terrible future be halted? I guess one way would be if the military decided to stage a coup and wrest power back from the Moslem majority and reestablish the non-sharia status quo. Otherwise, I'm afraid we are all doomed.
Crosswalk.com - Observers Foresee Europe Divided into Muslim / Non-Muslim

The director of the group Jihad Watch says things have gotten so bad in Europe that the only solution to the Islamic problem might be to divide the continent into Muslim and non-Muslim enclaves.

[...] Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch notes there are already vast areas surrounding major European cities like Paris that have been completely taken over by Muslims. Spencer, who describes this as a "very dangerous situation," says there is much pessimism about how things are going to play out.

"I was in the Hague [Netherlands] not long ago for a conference, and some of the speakers were saying that they think the only solution, the only ultimate outcome, is going to be a conflict that leads to division of territory within Europe with Muslim and non-Muslim enclaves," he says.

The result, says Spencer, is that Europe could wind up like Israel with its Palestinian problem. "The problem is much further down the road for us [in America]," he adds. "We don't have that kind of Muslim population; but we need to face the fact that there is no clear delineation within the Muslim community, either in America or in Europe, between moderates and extremists."

[...] Spencer says even though the Muslim percentage in the United States is relatively small, it is clear that "moderate" Muslims on American soil are not eager to help deal with their radical brethren either.


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