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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jail threatened over Islam insults --Dhimmi watch, cont.

By Aussiegirl

Don't forget that laws similar to this already exist in Australia and are being proposed in England, not to mention that the UN would like to make this a matter of international law, i.e. not defaming Islam.

Jail threatened over Islam insults - World Breaking News - Breaking News 24/7 - NEWS.com.au

MALAYSIA'S de facto law minister has threatened to jail or fine non-Muslims who insult Islam, amid concern over recent articles perceived as attacking the religion.

Mohamad Nazri Abdul Aziz said the country's sedition act could be used on non-Muslims who make comments construed as belittling Islam.
"We will not think twice about using this law against anybody who incites," Mohamad Nazri, a minister in the prime minister's department, was quoted as saying in the Star newspaper today.

The minister said he was concerned over recent articles written about Islam by non-Muslims, and warned there was a limit to what could be said in the Muslim-majority country.

"I want to remind non-Muslims to refrain from making statements on something they do not understand," he said.

"We do not want to take away your rights but religion is an important matter, especially to the Muslims."


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