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Monday, March 13, 2006

Scribe responds to defeating defeatism

By Aussiegirl

Reader Scribe responds to the article by Wolfgang Bruno entitled Defeating defeatism - the end of the phony war posted further down, and issues a call to arms. Someone has to sound the alarm and rouse the people, if the politicians won't do it and the media won't do it, it's left to us to find our voice on the internet and in our communities before it's too late.

Ultima Thule: Wolfgang Bruno: Defeating Defeatism - The End of the Phony War

Wolfgang is exactly right. Let's stop the morbid "End of Western civilization is here,therefore capitulate" talk. I see this morbidness on many blogs and websites and even hear it in coffee houses.

We must have hope--and vision--to want to survive. Otherwise we won't at all. We must value our Western civilization and quit denigrating it in our media and denigrating and ignoring it in our schools. Our standard of living that we all enjoy, as well as many nations overseas, is because of the ideas of OUR Judeo-Christian civilization. By contrast, Islam has mostly ruined the civilzations it invaded and replaced it with economic and spiritual poverty, especially inflicting this poverty on women and children.

If Churchill hadn't had the will to survive politcal assaults and keep fighting against the government defeatists who were capitulating to Hitler at every turn, we would still be fighting the Nazis now--and all alone. He valued the civilization that nurtured him and he fought hard for it, even after the darkest, most hopeless, days leading up WWII, during the Blitz, and military defeats in the early years of the war. He and that whole generation faced a situation that was a great deal more dangerous than the situation we currently face. The two defeatist PMs Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain wrongly thought they were being a realists when they gave Hitler nearly all of Europe to placate him, but because the British and French generally became cynical about their civilization, their leaders gave them what they wanted by severely misjudging and disbelieving the facts about Hitler. They all gave in to a laziness to avoid their responsibility for national self-defence until it was almost too late.

About the paralyzing cynicism and irony that has deeply characterized our culture for the last 50 years: Why isn't it known that if you have no respect for yourself, or have no high vision of what you ought to be, you will do very little to defend yourself from assault, perversion, or theft of your own soul. Why do we have a culture of so many victims among us? Why so much nihilism and the fascination with the apocalytic?

To counter this, we must decide whether we have any respect for our culture and ourselves or even want to--and if not--ask ourselves why not. If we are honest people, we should acknowledge our sins and faults, but to acknowledge sins and fault should properly translate into repentance and correction of faults, NOT cultural suicide.

To be a denier of reality is clearly wrong--but it's far, far more pernicious to spread hopelessness. Let's end this culture of hopelessness that's been going on for the last 100 years and get on with it.


At 10:39 PM, Blogger Alnot said...

Thanks to our Judeo Christian values and heritage there will always be a remnant who will call for renewal. Only when we lose that remanant is civilazation truly about to end.


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