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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Vanishing American -- "...the preservation of our liberty"

By Aussiegirl

Vanishing American has an eye on America this Memorial Day and applies a stethoscope to our collective political health. The outlook isn't good. The question is, how are we to save the patient, and who is making him sick? Here's just a sample of the first-class thinking and writing on this new blog.

Vanishing American

As this Memorial Day closes, as we commemorate our fallen soldiers, it's fitting to reflect on the state of our Republic. And in so doing, it's hard not to question whether we are still the great and free country that generations of our forefathers fought to establish and defend, and for which many of them gave their lives.
As I write this, it seems to me that our country is in dire peril. Our traditions, our way of life, which are uniquely American, are now being undermined and eroded. Our sovereignty is under attack. I could go on enumerating the challenges we are up against, but we know them all too well, those of us who care deeply about our country and our people.
But the biggest danger sign to me is that we seem to have lost our representative form of government. It appears as though 'we, the people' are no longer the repositories of power in our country. 'Our' leaders apparently no longer answer to us; they seem not only to be operating outside the will of the American people, but in open and brazen defiance of the will of the people.


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