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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Letters from Carol

One of the great pleasures of being on the internet, and posting on Lucianne.com in particular, is the wide variety of fascinating people one is privileged to meet. I asked my inimitable friend and philosopher, Carol, a lifelong Democrat and liberal, to tell me about her journey into being a conservative. Here is her response to me. As always, it made me laugh, and cry.


Do remember, Helen, that Ben Franklin was a loyal Royalist until the Stamp Act came out and that screwed the pooch. He was making his money from his printing press. And, old King George wanted him to spend money on stamps to make the paper "legit." In the turn around, he was 64.

We're never too old to change.

And, never too old to fall in love, again.

Anyway, yeah. I was a person who more than likely would vote for a democrat. Though at times I'd cast my vote for an "independent," until the choice turned to Nader. And, I've got to admit I not only voted for Ross Perot; before I had reason to cover my eyes and see what kind of a nut he was ... on Larry King Live, no less ... when he decided ... after I went out of my way to help him get elected ... joining up with other local fanatics ... Heck. I was even in homes where we'd meet. Like we had regular "meetings" and all of that stuff. And, I still think I have an old Perot lawn sign in my never to be cleaned out in my lifetime garage ...

But I digress.

What's happened is that I did buy the bull that Bush was an idiot. And, I couldn't tell the difference between Gore and Bush, until 9/11. And, like a lot of other democrats, I pray every day that the candidate I cast my vote for LOST! I'm grateful, too, for all the shenanigans that showed up on the mass media circuits.
Because it gave me a chance to read Steven F. Hayward's first book on Reagan ... The demise of the liberals ... that goes back and covers 1964 to 1980 ... Letting me know (what I already know, anyway) ... that in my youth I was a shallow creature ... who took "easy street." Only to discover it led into a smelly dead end alley.

Okay. I didn't see Reagan, except through the eyes of the liberals ... throughout the 80's. As you know, I voted for Perot in 1992. So you can't quite blame Clinton on me. But when it came to his re-election? Sure. Sex scandals didn't approach my radar screen. Where was the downside? Ah. The downside was in how the powerful elite were dismantling our Constitution. And, blaming the Religious Right for terrorizing them.

It doesn't matter when you regain consciousness. Churchill said that when we're young we think with our hearts. The good thing, now, is that the liberals are old ... and our youth has been pretty sickened by what happened with their schooling agenda ... Many more conservatives among the youth these days ... So, I supposed those of us who went to Woodstock didn't exactly set up the greatest examples to follow? Not that I can complete. I'm very honest with my son. And, he can think for himself. So when the elders fess up to their mistakes there aren't all that many surprises to go around, I guess?

Anyway, Reagan had the same problems Ben Franklin had. The Nation embraced and loved these guys. And, their own children just didn't measure up to their genetic potential.

Life goes on.

If you can, just go and get THE AGE OF REAGAN, Vol. 1. It's a book to be adored. Nothing like going back and really looking at those old "photographs." Captures the imagination all over again.

True, I didn't know what a good man this Bush really is. But I'll make up for it on election day. I intend to vote the whole REPUBLICAN SLATE in California. My little bit of effort in a state that leans left.

Reminds me, how when I was a kid, and rode the NY subways ... And, we'd be high up in the air ... I felt that if I leaned out and looked out a window the train would just drop off its tracks. So, I'd lean into the Center. Does it matter? Only if you enjoy riding subways. (Which I did.)



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