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Saturday, October 30, 2004

More Osama

By Aussiegirl

I just can't shut up tonight. New thoughts keep intruding. Some have suggested that this is little more than a peace overture from a beleaguered Osama Bin Laden who is uttering the Islamic version of "uncle".

But I disagree. I don't think this is a call for a truce at all. Fanatics and magalomaniacs like Osama Bin Laden don't give up their dreams of world domination and a caliphate so easily.

No, this is plain and simple Osama's attempt to create a Spain here in America. He is parroting the dem talking points -- most of his lines are taken directly from the Michael Moore movie. He is telling those dems and the idiots who want to vote for Kerry what they want to hear -- that if they all play nice and just do what Osama wants -- and leave them alone -- he will leave us alone. He even pops in the bit about Sweden. Why are you not like Sweden? he laments.

But he completely miscalculates the effect of his words, because he's an idiot and not nearly as smart as he thinks. This only galvanizes Americans to realize that the threat of terror is real and that we could be struck at any moment. And who has been consistently polling 23 points higher on the question of who can best fight the war on terror? George Bush.

I think the Bin Laden thing blows everything else out of the water clear until election day -- the conversation is over. No more suprises from the MSM, no more scandals popped at the last minute -- this is such a bombshell that it's all over. It's Friday night. There's just the weekend cycle which will be taken over by the Osama story -- all the guests and questions are being rearranged as we speak to take this news into account.

This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to influence our election.

Bin Laden is probably unable to launch a truly spectactular strike, so this is the second best thing. In a way, he overreached with 9/11, which was spectacular beyond his hopes. And now, nothing short of something even MORE spectacular will suffice, or he looks weak. Or maybe he calculates that a major terror strike would be counterproductive, but a seductive appeal to the peaceniks might have just the right touch to get Kerry elected so that he gets a few years to regroup while Kerry is meeting with Jacques Chirac and swilling the Chardonnay. After all, it's Osama who has perfected the Arabic art of pretending to surrender and negotiate a truce while using the opportunity to either escape or rearm and regroup. Sadr has been playing that game for months now in Fallujah.

Either way -- he loses -- and Kerry loses -- big -- I think -- I hope --


At 12:14 AM, Blogger Pindar said...

I can't keep up with Aussiegirl this evening. Her keyboard must be smoking and red-hot, certainly her thinking is red-hot. It does seem like Osama did better than he anticipated with 9/11 (I recall at the time reading that he hadn't expected the towers to collapse) so now he needs--and can't deliver--something better. But he has succeeded in erasing all other news and making us all focus on who would make a better president for these times of terror. Is it Tuesday yet?


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