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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Things that go boom in the night and other scary thoughts

By Aussiegirl

Here we go again. Or -- there they go again. The NYT/CBS/DNC have launched another coordinated blitzkrieg aimed at influencing the upcoming election. The scenario is by now familiar. The media "break" a story which is ostensibly damaging to the administration, in this case the supposed mishandling or loss of lots of stuff that blows up, and the Kerry camp, mirabile dictu, just HAPPENS to have a campaign TV spot all prepared with the NYT headline prominently featured. Kerry hammers away constantly with the accusation, dem spokesenoids hit the airwaves with their talking points all memorized, while CBS fills in the colors of the outline with some juicy details and dramatic readings from Dan Rather.

But somehow this all seems familiar. Isn't there a sense of deja vu here? Oh yes, it was the CBS case against George Bush of forged document fame, just a few short weeks ago. How soon we forget. The scenario was exactly the same then. CBS runs with the story, Kerry is all ready with ads and speeches. Major hit on Bush. But -- each time something unexpected has happened. Because of the internet and the ready access to that inconvenient thing for propagandists everywhere -- i.e. -- THE FACTS -- the story was discredited almost as soon as the ink was dry or in CBS's case, Dan Rather's mike was removed. Of course Kerry and the spokesnoids are still screaming the same story, but it's beginning to sound a little ridiculous.

Before that it was the parade of blockbuster books on CBS. You remember. Dickie Clarke and Bob Woodward, etc. etc. -- were there others? -- I forget. � It rarely takes more than one news cycle for these trumped up stories to be entirely discredited. This time from another member of the MSM, NBC, which had embedded journalists who say that the stuff was already gone when the troops arrived. But then, there are other scenarios too. And no one knows anything for sure. What we DO know for sure is that once again the journalistic equivalent of attempted ballot stuffing and voter fraud has taken place.

What may have happened here, in my view, is that Kerry and the NYT jumped the gun a bit, in their eagerness to jump on this issue and hammer it home until election day. CBS had planned to run it on Sunday night. Just in time for the Monday morning papers and the morning news as we all staggered off to work in the morning. By the time anyone had a chance to evaluate the truth or reliability of the news -- BINGO -- it would be election day and voters would dash to the polls with images of things blowing up and the unbearable unreliability of George Bush ringing in their ears.

That was the way it was supposed to be. But luckily the NYT jumped the gun and the real story came out through talk radio and the internet fact checkers. Such inconvenient things -- facts. And now even the president is vigorously defending himself for a change. How wonderful it is to see him fire back with passion and vigor. Too long we've sat back and let these lies pass.

There can be no doubt that the fear and loathing on the other side must be considerable. They have lost all pretence of being unbiased. They have ignored any attempt to mask their coordination. It simply doesn't matter any more. The camouflage is off -- it only exists on Kerry's crisp new unwrinkled goose-hunting suit. They don't care any more. They know that if they don't win this they've lost their grip on power, perhaps for a generation or more.

The old saw goes that your enemy is never as dangerous as when he's cornered. For all intents and purposes, the liberal media establishment, which includes the MSM and the democrat party along with a cohort of usual suspects in academia and Hollywood, see it all slipping from their fingers.

They have lost their grip on the legislative and executive branches of the federal government. Increasingly, they control only the inner cities and other major urban areas politically. The vast heartland of "flyover country" has moved away from them, or, more precisely, they have moved away from Middle America. Just as the democrat party left Reagan, the democrat party has abandoned America along with reason in its quest for establishing its liberal socialist utopia.

And the logical outcome of all this, if their plan fails and George Bush wins a second term as he so richly deserves? Endless litigation, with an army of lawyers already assembled with their writs already locked and loaded and ready for firing. Already suits have been filed in Florida. We all fear a repeat of Florida. But this time we will have Florida in as many as 20 states perhaps, with litigation that has the potential to paralyze the will of the nation to pursue the war on terror. Litigation and distraction which will make us more vulnerable to terrorist attack and make it more difficult for the Commander in Chief to be effective in Iraq, much less institute his domestic policies or agenda. It is obvious that protecting America and putting the country's interests before the interests of gaining power is the last thing on their minds.

All of the pre-emptive litigation, the pre-emptive screaming about voter disenfranchisement and voter intimidation is geared towards de-legitimizing the second term of George Bush, if not stealing the election outright.

Failing to take the election through the courts, who could be surprised to see an eventual attempt to impeach the president as the next logical step. Nothing would surprise me now. An impeachment would fail with a Republican controlled House and Senate, but the damage to the stability of the nation and of the president's ability to lead and govern would be severely hampered. And the stage is probably being set now. With the stories on Abu Graib, the WMD scenario, the "missing explosives", Valerie Plame, who knows what trumped up charges will be filed and created to usurp power. �

Perhaps I'm spinning out scary Halloween tales here, of things that go boom in the night. But the desperation of the left is beginning to outright scare me to death. I see how our entire system can be subverted. I see how it is possible that we could become nothing more than a banana republic, ruled by a bunch of unelected judges and media moguls, with our elections mired in endless litigations. A coup d'etat through the courts. If our electoral process is perverted and subverted in the ways we are increasingly seeing, the handwriting may be on the wall. I see this as a fight to the death.

Either the liberal/leftist alliance and the democrat party as it is now constituted is defeated and discredited with a resounding victory at the polls on November 2nd which is fraud and litigation proof. Or we have a chaotic mess in this country.


At 4:44 PM, Blogger Pindar said...

Another impeccably argued letter from Aussiegirl. I too dread the amount of damage these deranged democrats could do in their final Gotterdammerung burst of fire and brimstone, cackling with insane delight as the country falls to pieces around their hoofs. At least when looking back we shall all know how we got there and who was to blame!


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