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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Has Gongadze's head been found?

By Aussiegirl

ForUM reports that
the head of murdered journalist, Georgyi Gongadze, has apparently been found in the bay of the Dneiper river, according to Oleg Eltsov who reported it on Ukraine's the "Fifth Channel".

This allegation is denied by the head of Ukraine's Security Services.

Gongadze, who ran an internet news site highly critical of former President Leonid Kuchma disappeared in 2001 and his beheaded corpse was found shorty after. The Yushchenko government has vowed to close the case and to punish those responsible after years of inaction and obstruction by the former regime. Kuchma has been accused of being involved in the order to eliminate him. It appears that the Prosecutor General in charge of the case is getting closer to the truth of the matter as President Yushchenko reported that two participants in the actual murders have been detained. Authorities may be giving immunity to participants lower down on the chain of conspiracy in order to reach those higher officials who ordered the assassination to take place.

Yushchenko has stated that information is coming forward as to how Gongadze spent his last few hours of life and who picked him up for his last car ride. Yushchenko also accuses officials in authority, particularly ex-General Prosecutor Gennady Vasiliev, of doing everything in their power to thwart the investigation. The noose apears to be tightening on the killers.


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