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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More quotes from Yushchenko

By Aussiegirl

Here are some more quotes from Yushchenko at today's briefing regarding developments in the Gongadze murder investigation via Bloomberg:

"The concrete murderers of Georgy Gongadze have been detained and they are giving evidence, Yushchenko said, reading from a prepared statement in the presidency. He didn't give the identities or the number of suspects held. The next step will be to find those who wanted Gongadze dead, he said.

"Now the task for the law-enforcement agencies is to get to the most important part -- who organized and ordered this murder, Yushchenko, who succeeded Kuchma, said. ``The investigation is heading toward that stage. Yushchenko didn't answer questions, Ukrainska Pravda Web site, which Gongadze founded, said.

"I have become acquainted with the conditions of the final hours of Georgy Gongadze, Yushchenko said. ``It was a terrifying death, which is now described in the evidence of the actual killers.

Yushchenko made it clear that members of the former Soviet republic's police or security forces were involved in the killing.

``It was hard for me to believe, that in this millennium, people with ties to state agencies, who have everything, can harbor such evil, hatred and animal behavior toward their fellow citizens, Yushchenko said, according to Ukrainska Pravda.

``The fact that the murder was not resolved for four and a half years and is now closed after a few weeks testifies to the fact that the previous authorities not only didn't have the political will to solve it, not only had a deficit of desire to solve it, but also, and this is important to say, the former authorities provided cover for the murderers, Ukrinform cited Yushchenko as saying today.


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