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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Something for the gals from BonnieBlueFlag

By Bonnieblueflag

A few days ago, Aussiegirl posted the first "UT" centerfold pictures featuring Ukrainian pop-singer, Ruslana. I've been asking her, "Where's the Beef," Beefcake that is, ever since? This morning New York gossip columnist, Cindy Adams, has provided us with a very nice example of Ukrainian Beefcake! Rumor has it that Vitali is looking for someone to organize an American Chapter of his Fan Club.

by: Cindy Adams

March 10, 2005 -- VITALI KLITSCHKO. World Heavyweight Champ. The Ukrainian Institute's Person of the Year. After seeing "The Contender" with Stallone, he came by for tea. Despite hands larger than my Yorkies, he brought two backups -- a manager and press agent -- to defend himself against me. "Journalists make intrigue," he said in Ukrainian English.

Since I can't really hit a boxing champion, I asked his opinion of Stallone's series. "Very emotional. Done good. Edited. Like our normal round is three minutes. In his show much shorter. He has invited me to be a guest on this."

And "Million Dollar Baby"? "Other sports are more ladylike. I do not prefer lady boxers. Scars never make woman prettier. I know the girl who beat Hilary in the film. She's world's best female boxer. But I would never fight her. A man has no power against woman."

Handsome, well-tailored, highly educated, close to his country's new pro-West leader Viktor Yuschenko, why's he a fighter?

"Is cliche that all fighters are stupid. Like all politicians are liars. And all journalists make intrigue." He smiled. His backups smiled. Even my library's Buddha smiled. "I was 13. A coach came to school and asked, 'Who wants to be like Muhammad Ali?' Twenty boys started for fun. I won local competition, then for the city, the Republic, the Soviet Union, Europe, and now I'm strongest in the world."

Any rituals before entering the ring? "Yes, but I don't talk about it." Will his wife, who's expecting their third child, be at the Garden next month when he fights Hasim Rahman, the guy who decked Lennox Lewis? "I don't like family to come. There is much emotional pressure for me. But she says if she doesn't get ticket, she will buy her own because she must be with me. Special flights from Russia and the Ukraine will be filled with fans to see the fight.

"The Garden is for me lucky. December 2003 there was big snowstorm. Still, 50,000 fans came. And I won in second round." Today starts Vitali's eight weeks training in L.A. It includes KO-ing his favorite junk food -- french fries.

Submitted by BonnieBlueFlag

This is Aussiegirl here -- I think BonnieB. just volunteered herself to start the first official Vitaly Klitschko fan club in the U.S. If so, she's going to have to include his brother Wladimir (say that three times quickly), because he's an athlete and a boxer, and he's also cute. Here are the Klitschko brothers with chess champion Gary Kasparov. These brothers not only box, they play chess and have PhD's. Vitaly's just been appointed as an unofficial advisor to President Viktor Yushchenko. He was present at all the rallies of the Orange Revolution, side-by-side with Yushchenko as he rallied the crowds night after night. He made an appearance at Independence Square while the demonstrations were still in full swing, on the night he traveled to Las Vegas for his World Heavyweight fight, which he subsequently won. Not your average palooka!

(Gary's the little one in the middle.)


At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

Really now! Somehow someone got ahold of my photo and photoshopped Vitali's head on my shoulders. He's a nice enough looking guy, and I don't really mind, but still it all seems sort of underhanded -- or should I say overshouldered!


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