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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

There's just no stopping this democracy bug

By Aussiegirl

Well, democracy is just busting out all over the world. Now
this from the Washington Times:

After the rose revolution in Georgia and the orange revolution in Ukraine, could the former Soviet republics of Moldova and Belarus be the next states to swap authoritarian rule for democracy?
European and American leaders are increasingly optimistic that the non-violent uprisings in Tbilisi and Kiev will create a snowball effect similar to that which rumbled through the former communist countries of central and eastern Europe in 1989.

"The democratic revolutions that swept this region over 15 years ago are now reaching Georgia and Ukraine," U.S. President George W. Bush told Slovaks in central Bratislava last week. "In 10 days, Moldova has the opportunity to place its democratic credentials beyond doubt as its people head to the polls. And inevitably, the people of Belarus will someday proudly belong to the country of democracies."

Viktor Yushchenko, the newly elected Ukrainian president who spearheaded protests against rigged elections in November, also believes freedom is on the march in eastern Europe. "The orange revolution set a very good example for many citizens because it showed them the way to protect their rights," he told United Press International last month. "This example is relevant to any country where rights are not respected."


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