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Monday, April 04, 2005

Back tomorrow

By Aussiegirl

I'll be back tomorrow with new updates and good stuff. In the meantime, Viktor and Katya are in Washington. Presidents Yushchenko and Bush had a long productive and frank meeting, which is usual diplospeak for they discussed a bunch of stuff and maybe they didn't quite agree on everything, but they each think the other guy is just peachy keen, and has a great wife, and they want to be friends, and they are sure they can iron things out, whatever they are.

Then they had a press conference in the White House. Laura and Katya sat next to each other, conversing animatedly and for quite some time as everyone waited for the two big guys to come to the podium. They looked quite animated and engaged, and it looked like Katya Yushchenko was doing a bangup job explaining things to Laura.

Both First Ladies looked radiant, and both in pale shades of orange. Katya had her hair in a fashionable blonde flip, (this is for the girls, I know you guys don't care -- but you know from your own experience, that George is going to get an earful from Laura tonight after they retire, so Katya knows the importance of getting message across in her charming and knowledgeable style). You guys slap each other on the backs and exchange manly jokes and talk about real important stuff, while women admire each other's dresses and children and hair, and talk about really important stuff.

On Wednesday, President Yushchenko will address a joint meeting of Congress, which will be televised on C-Span at 10:45 a.m. As the saying goes, check your local listings.


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