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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pope John Paul II Pray For Us

By BonnieBlueFlag

Not every Catholic Pope has been canonized, but I think it would be safe to say that eventually, Pope John Paul II will be named a saint.

Beatification (the first step to sainthood), cannot begin unless the candidate has been dead for at least five years.

However, less than two years after Mother Teresa's death, Pope John Paul II waived this requirement, and considered her to hold the title of "Blessed Teresa of Calcutta" and permitted the opening of her Cause of Canonization.

Once beatified (on October 19, 2003) and as "Blessed Teresa of Calcutta," the Church officially recognizes the power of the Holy Spirit within her. And later she can become "Saint Teresa of Calcutta."

Today I finally realized, that while the evil in the world usually receives all of the media attention and headlines, two true Saints walked among us.

Unlike the Apostles, the early Martyrs, and all the others who became Saints long before our time here on earth, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and Pope John Paul II, were our contemporaries.� They faced the same temptations that we do every day, and many more.

We must not become discouraged and lose our own faith, when we witness evil in the murder of Terri Schiavo, the abduction and death of young children, the cruelty of man against man, or the attempt to gradually eliminate God in our society.

We must remain strong in our belief in Jesus Christ, just as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta did as she went about His work in the slums of India.

We must put our faith in the Lord Our God, be charitable and forgiving of others, just as Pope John Paul II forgave his assassin.
Two great examples of how to live Christian lives walked with us, and prayed for us daily, we should strive to live our lives by those examples.

by BonnieBlueFlag


At 7:24 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

I think you are right, Aussiegirl. I KNOW Mother Theresa will be Cannonized, and I strongly suspect Karol Wojtyla (aka Pope John Paul II) will also receive that distinction. I do want to point out that miracles must be performed in both of their names, and that these miracles have to be verified and documented for the Catholic Church to bestow Sainthood on them. I believe the Church has already documented a miracle in Mother Theresa`s name.

You`ve had some wonderful posts about the Pope lately! Thanks! They have really lifted my spirits!

At 11:10 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

BonnieBlueFlag who wrote the article thanks you Tim, as do I. I am so proud to have her contributions to UT, I now realize I have to trumpet her contributions more loudly so everyone knows I cannot lay claim to her excellent prose.


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