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Friday, April 15, 2005

Let's go choose a color!!

By Aussiegirl

The Rainbow Revolutions that have swept the world are now inspiring a new generation of Iranians who are fed up with the Mullahcracy in their country. Thanks to a tip from USMC_Vet blogging on the excellent site,
The Word Unheard, we can read the inspiring words of one young Iranian student awaiting a hearing on his appeal of a prison sentence for criticizing the Ayatollah Khameini. Here's a quote. Be sure to click on the article as there's lots more news from Iran (and much more) there.

I continue to be amazed at the powerful psychological impact the Orange Revolution has had -- it is like one prisoner breaking out of a cell where he and others have languished without hope for years -- and suddenly the others see it and realize they can break out too.

I find chills running down my spine as I read these brave words. This is not unlike the great Soviet dissidents in the days before the fall of the Berlin Wall, who, knowing full well they would eventually be arrested for their actions, continued to speak out for human rights, and to write and to meet. Many were arrested, imprisoned, released, and then unrepentant -- they were re-arrested and imprisoned -- and yet they refused to remain silent.

Courage -- Dan Rather doesn't even begin to understand the true meaning of that word!

Read on:

In the interview that preceeded his renewed prison sentence, Fakhravar had interesting words which one has to wonder may have contributed to his treatment in the Iranian court.

When asked about the influence of the Georgian Rose Revolution | Ukrainian Orange Revolution | Kyrgyzk Pink/Tulip/Lemon Revolution, Fakhravar lends words that leap out loudly at the reader:

Have no doubt on that. Already we can see the impact in the streets, on the people, on the youngsters as well as on the officials. One of the latest jokes is this: "Let's go choose colour", in reference to the colours of these recent revolutions. These events have spirited the people, mostly the young generation and at the same time dispirited the authorities, mostly the leadership that is thrown in full crisis, as it sees visibly how similar dictatorships relying on the bayonet have crumbled in one night and finished.

This shows that when a regime has not a popular backing, it can fall; it can melt like snow in the sun. These lads know that in order to live and survive a regime must have both domestic and international legitimacy, something that this regime has neither.

As I said, these colourful revolutions have a deep impact on the Iranian leadership, they have warned them that if they continue to discard and ignore the wishes and demands of their people, they should pack the soonest possible and leave for a country that would give them shelter.


At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Pindar said...

I am so impressed by the bravery of these young people, what they are willing to undergo in order to live in a better, freer world. Given all the countries where people might be wishing for a revolution to happen for themselves, we may quickly run out of color names!


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