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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Vigilantes on our borders

By Aussiegirl

Thomas Sowell writes a great column about the chaos on our borders and the economic and poliyical implications of the problem.

While he states that it was the media which branded the Minutemen as vigilantes, (even though they were merely the equivalent of a neighborhood watch on the Arizona border), sadly it was President Bush who labeled them "vigilantes" in answer to a reporter's question. The same President Bush who inexplicably reduced the number of congressionally funded border agents from 2000 to several hundred.

Social Security used to be called the third rail of politics but illegal immigration is the real third rail that both political parties are afraid to touch.

Cops who find illegal aliens are under orders not to turn them in to the feds. And the federal government's own border guards have their hands tied by the higher-ups as well.

Now that Hispanics are the largest minority in the country, and with the country closely divided politically, neither party wants to risk alienating the Hispanic vote by enforcing immigration laws.


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