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In ancient times the northernmost region of the habitable world - hence, any distant, unknown or mysterious land.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Check out "In Deo Veritas"

By Aussiethule

Here is a wonderful blog called In Deo Veritas that I've just got to pass along to you. It belongs to Billy D., who posts comments here on UT, and you are in for a real treat. He writes beautifully and thoughtfully, he's hilariously funny (James Lileks, watch your back) and he touches on politics as well as family and faith matters. Here's just a sample of his latest posting -- a real Father's Day gift to all you dads who suffer the slings and arrows of outragous fortune -- and shopping -- all for your beloved families. We who are about to shop -- salute you!

But, last night, I had no choice. Once inside the store, everything initially seemed OK. People smiling, walking with their children, no visible signs of blood, no chalk outlines on the floor. Then it happened; she headed straight for the clothing section.

A chill ran down my spine, and small beads of sweat broke upon my brow. "No!" I thought inside, "It can't be happening". But it was. For what seemed like at least a week, we stood, looking at childrens clothing. Every once in a while, she'd hold up an outfit, and ask my opinion, and, with her not realizing I had contracted hysterical blindness hours ago, I'd nod, and say "Nice". She could have been holding up an alligator with a childs leg hanging out of it's mouth, I couldn't see it anyway.

Again, I could taste the blood in the back of my throat, my ears ringing, the entire store spinning. Small children would slowly pass by and taunt me. The only solace I had was knowing I was not alone, as once in a while, I'd see a woman go by with an armful of clothing, followed by a weeping man, shuffling along blindly behind her.


At 4:43 PM, Blogger Billy D said...

*Blush*. Thanks Aussie. You are truly too kind.


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