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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Know thy enemy

By Aussiegirl

Rocco DiPippo, writing in today's Front Page Magazine continues the themes elucidated in the articles below. This is why it is completely hopeless for President Bush or Karl Rove to believe that they can appease this unquenchable beast of anti-American propaganda and hatred which permeates the worlwide leftist movement -- a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy comprising everything from useful idiots like Reid, Pelosi, Kennedy and Durbin, to the shills in the leftist media, to the UN globalists, to the ecofreaks and globalonyists of the climate change persuasion and on and on through the Al-Jazeera wing of the Arab hate-America-first brigade. These people fall right into the world view that everything that is wrong with the world is America's fault.

Let's face it, America is the last best hope of Western Civilization -- the left must do everything in its power to destroy us so their plans for global socialism and one-world Utopian rule can come to fruition.

Hillary Clinton once talked about a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, as wise heads in the media nodded their heads sagely and stroked their chins thoughtfully. Now we know why -- they were performing their assigned roles beautifully and speaking "turnspeak".

As I said before -- these people do not hate Bush, or America, because of what we DO, but because of what we ARE. The moral of the story is: Know thy enemy and the game he is playing:

The general leading the force to free the captive enemy from the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, and inflict a humiliating defeat on the United States is so-called "civil rights" and "Constitutional" attorney Michael Ratner. It was Ratner who led the way in recruiting elite lawyers to defend the enemy combatants being interrogated at Gitmo. But Ratner is a long-time leader of two pro-Communist and anti-American organizations who have for decades have lent aid and comfort to America's enemies in the Cold War and beyond.

Michael Ratner is a lawyer who began his legal career in the late 1960s at the National Lawyers Guild, a Soviet created front group which still embraces its Communist heritage. He worked his way up through the NLG's radical ranks to become its president, then moved on to hold the same position at the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), which share's the NLG's anti-American radicalism and was founded by pro-Castro lawyers Arthur Kinoy and William Kunstler. Among its many outrages, the CCR has defended domestic and international terrorists, and has honored Ratner's NLG colleague and convicted terrorist enabler Lynne Stewart, a modern Legal Left idol. Since 9/11, Ratner and his comrades have attempted to extend undeserved "civil rights" on Islamist murderers with notable success. On this front, Ratner and the Legal Left have dealt America its few setbacks in the War on Terror.

One year ago the U.S. suffered its first major loss in this war, a strategic and propaganda defeat, related to America's abilities to imprison and interrogate enemies that it captures. Abu Ghraib was a huge propaganda victory, both for Islamists, who used it to "justify" their violent attacks, and for fifth column leftists, who made use of the media's saturation coverage to portray the U.S. as the world's biggest oppressor, the Bush administration as a cabal of Nazi thugs, and the Iraq as an immoral undertaking. The gross overplay of that prison scandal in concert with other overblown and sometimes fabricated stories - like Newsweek's "Koran in the toilet" canard - emboldened Islamic terrorists, eroded U.S. public support for the War on Terror, and damaged America's credibility around the world.


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