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Thursday, June 16, 2005

A kinder, gentler war on terror?

By Aussiegirl

If the Bush administration is actually doing what Powell suggests here then the country is in big trouble.

Speaking softly (and presumably carrying a small stick) and being conciliatory is precisely NOT what we should be doing. Read Ralph Peters article just below this post to find out why.

FORMER US secretary of state Colin Powell today defended the invasion of Iraq but admitted America's image had taken a beating and called on the Bush administration to be more sensitive.

. . . But the former top diplomat, often described as a "dove" among the conservative "hawks" dominating the White House, also called on the current administration to be more conciliatory in its approach.

"I would like the government to speak with a softer voice and listen with a more discerning ear," he said.

The former top diplomat conceded that the US has "massive problems" communicating to the world what it stands for.

"There is a strong tide of resentment in the Muslim world against the United States," he said, adding that US President George W. Bush was "not unmindful" of this and was trying to be less strident in his second term in office.


At 7:47 PM, Blogger Billy D said...

Man are we in trouble! It seems to be all about appeasement right now, which will be the end of us, to be sure.

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Michael Morrison said...

One of the major tactical and strategic errors of the current wars the Bush administration has mis-led us into is the appearance of their being anti-Muslim.
Some of the so-called "psychological torture" of the prisoners has been, or at least reportedly has been, acts and statements seen as violating the Muslim belief and the Muslim holy book.
Though such things might have been aimed purely at the individual prisoner, the individual torturee, they will inevitably be portrayed -- by al Qaida and by the "news" media -- in the harshest light possible and give further aid to the recruiting efforts of the enemies.
Beyond anything else, bad tactics and bad strategy.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Osama Bin-Laden went to war against the United States because of our presence on the Arabian peninsula during Gulf War I. He was angered simply by our presence.

What the Moslem World can`t stand is an ``infidel`` setting foot on what they perceive as their turf. Islam is about world conquest. Muhammad sent his minions out to conquer the world, impose Sharia, and force ``islam`` or submission. Moslems have always believed that a land which has submitted must forever remain in submission. THAT is why they hate Israel so much; although it had been reasonably empty when the Jews settled after the WWII, it had been an Islamic territory and so it should forever remain. The realm of Allah had LOST territory, and that was intolerable.

There is no way we can satisfy them at this juncture. Our invasion of Afghanistan was a crossing of the Rubicon, and the Islamic world will not let this go. Any ``sensitivity`` on our part is seen as weakness by them. Bin-Laden made this clear; he has stated publicly that America is cowardly because we are trying to build an empire but are afraid of the necessary pains which accompany imperialism. His misreading of American intentions is not an aberration among Moslems-most of the Islamic world believes this same thing. Our attempts to ``win the hearts and minds`` simply increases their contempt for our weakness and cowardly ways.

The Islamic world understands power. Theirs is a warrior culture, and strength is a high virtue. We can win hearts and minds all we want AFTER we school them on the folly of opposing us. That is where we made our mistake-we started this Powell-itization, this lets-be-friends approach before we had knocked some sense into them. (We needed to make them fear us first.) Moslems don`t understand this at all; our ideas about kindness and understanding come from our Christian heritage. They don`t see it as kindness and forgiveness-they see it as weakness, and weakness is something to be exploited.

When those towers fell on that fall morning in `01 we no longer had any options. We had to invade Afghanistan, which guaranteed that we were going to war with most of the Islamic world.


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