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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Star Wars -- the Phantom Memo?

By Aussiegirl
Tim Birdnow, over at Birdblog really has posted a delicious slicing and dicing analysis of this whole Durbin mess. He poses a number of pertinent questions about the whole premise of the affair that have yet to be asked in the media -- a few of these points have also been brought up in a good analysis on
In Deo Veritas by BillyD. Good work, guys -- ahead of the media curve again!! Here's a little taste of Tim's biting prose:

Mr. (cough) Durbin makes commentary based on an F.B.I. memo which has not been provided to Tom Delay or any other Republicans. Isn`t that convenient! Nobody from the Republican camp can verify that there really is such a memo. Nobody can verify that the memo says what the turban says it does. How convenient! We have a phantom memo which claims we are engaged in torture at Guantanamo Bay. (Hey Dick, I know you just saw Star Wars but episode 1 was the phantom MENACE not memo!) We have no way of independently verifying this; we have to take tricky Dick`s word.

Why, pray tell, was an F.B.I.agent present during the torture of a prisoner at Gitmo? Doesn`t that strike anybody as odd? If I were engaged in torture, I certainly wouldn`t invite a civilian to watch. I would restrict it to other military personnel who would be under orders, and would be damn certain these military people were ones I could trust. I find it difficult to believe that our interrogation experts would be so careless as to allow a G-man to witness abuse of prisoners. Terrible incompetence there.


At 4:33 AM, Blogger Billy D said...

*If* there was a memo, and *if* it was real, it's got to have some illegality to it. If not, what's to prevent an agent sending me one? The whole "unamed sources" thing really bothers me. It's an open lisence to say anything.

At 4:34 AM, Blogger Billy D said...

*And thanks for the "hat-tip" ma'am.



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