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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Roots bear local fruit

By Aussiegirl

As I read the American Thinker article by Professor Baker (posted just below)I was put in mind of something that took place recently close to home.

Currently on our neighborhood computer listserve there is a running controversy because someone posted the news that recent arrests of gang members in a nearby neighborhood might have some connection with the recent rash of car thefts and vandalism in the neighborhood.

That's all -- no mention of race -- or bigotry -- just simply that the recent arrests might alleviate some of the problems of crime. Then -gasp -- some rabid conservative complained that these are the same people that our Democrat County Executive is providing expensive social services for.

Oh, the rending of garments and the gnashing of teeth!   Enraged emails flooded in condemning the evil miscreant as some latter-day Hitler, many people posted that they felt so traumatized by the intemperate and racist comments that they were forced to spend the day in prayer and contemplation of tolerance and peace and love.

Others chimed in -- they were all holding hands on the internet and singing "Kumbaya" together, simultaneously chanting "Om" and burning incense to ward off the evil vapors generated by someone having the temerity to state the obvious -- gangs are bad news and a danger to our communities
and our safety.

When someone posted that no one had mentioned anyone's race -- the retort was hotly asserted that it is obvious that the word gang is synonymous with racial minorities, and thereby a patently bigoted
reference. So I guess it's not even permitted to mention gangs -- too politically incorrect and racially charged.

Recommendations were forthcoming about a thoughtful piece in the WaPo about how a sensitive young lad had heroically resisted the efforts of local gangs to recruit him. Tolerance and peace and love were urged on a traumatized neighborhood. They may have to hold a candlelight vigil before this is over to purge the bad Karma that has been generated. Oh, the humanity!!

Conclusion? We are doomed!! This is suicidal, and these people will go like lambs to the slaughter, fully convicted of their righteousness and moral superiority. Remember Fiske, who sympathized with the Muslim thugs who were attacking him? I wonder if these same people will feel the same sense of understanding, compassion, tolerance and universal brotherhood when it is their children who are stabbed to death, as recently happened in two incidents in local high schools. Apparently nothing is enough to shake these people out of their sense of collective guilt for every evil
extant in the universe as we know it.


At 9:21 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Great post!

Our modern world is full of people living in denial of reality. How can one fix a problem if one is unwilling to look at it?

I find the situation with Bill Cosby to be most telling of the world of illusion most Americans live in; he has been pilloried for saying that blacks should stand on their own two feet and that the time to assign blame is past. It is far easier to blame others than to take responsibility yourself.

All of Western Civilization seems to have the same problem; everyone wants to blame society, or the Church,or some other extrinsic element of our civilization, while refusing to take personal responsibility. If a young girl has a baby out of wedlock we are told society is to blame, and society (meaning taxpayers) must shoulder the burden of supporting this child. Criminals are victims of society, dope fiends use drugs because society has robbed them of hope. Moslems hate us because of our evil exploitation of them, the old Soviet Union opposed us in self defense, we are stingy helping Africa and Asia and South America, We are poisoning the Air and Water.

A civilization which has no faith in it`s own virtue, and which does not defend itself at home and abroad is doomed.

At 10:58 PM, Blogger Michael Morrison said...

Pat Robertson says something stupid and is thoroughly denounced.
Jesse Jackson says something stupid and ... nothing.
Jesse Jackson steals money from his organization to hush up his girlfriend and ... nothing.
Jesse Jackson practices extortion and ... nothing.
Some baseball player named Rocker says racist stuff and is denounced.
Trent Lott says something labeled racist and is denounced.
Here is something more specific: A department store Santa Claus a few years ago teased a little boy on his lap, asking, "Want to see a monkey?" and showing the boy a mirror.
He was denounced as racist.
What a pile of garbage!
All of us, white or brown or whatever, including black, have done something like that to our siblings or neighbors, and we were certainly not being racists to our siblings or neighbors.
Yet, because the real racists, the bleeding heart, brain-dead leftists see a little black boy instead of just a little boy, the poor Santa is victimized.
It's hard to say those leftist wackoes are hypocrites when the likelihood is they're liars and demagogues.
Or morons.
Sorry about your neighbors, Aus.

At 12:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aussiegirl said:

Thanks for the great comments, guys. You are right as usual, Mr. Birdnow -- and you too Mr. Morrison. Thanks for the sympathies on my neighborhood. In reality it is a very nice neighborhood, with pleasant, concerned and nice neighbors -- they just have touchy-feely politics because reality hasn't bit them in the butt yet.

I loved the article posted below by Donald Baker about how the early Europeans felt guilty for the sin of the Viking maurauders -- who knew it was a hereditary trait? Talk about original sin -- we have collective guilt.

And my Webtv won't even let me post as myself on my own blog anymore, I have to post as "Anonymous" -- I REALLY must be guilty of something dreadful!!


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