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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yushchenko fires Tymoshenko and entire government

By Aussiegirl

President Viktor Yushchenko has fired Yulia Tymoshenko and his entire government.It's about time -- Tymoshenko has been working at cross-purposes to Yushchenko's stated goals since the beginning. It's about time that Yushchenko stops traveling around the globe and spends some time at home getting his government and economy in order:

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko on Thursday sacked his cabinet and appointed a loyal and moderate ally to take over as prime minister from the populist Yulia Tymoshenko, after accusing her of engaging in divisive conflicts with other members of his political team.

Mr Yushchenko said Ms Tymoshenko and his national security chief, Petro Poroshenko, who had earlier resigned, had “lost their team spirit and trust” and had forced him to play the role of arbiter between competing institutions within his own administration.

“The president shouldn’t be a nanny,” Mr Yushchenko said. “I’m convinced that millions of people didn’t stand on the Maidan for this,” he added, referring to the central square in Kiev where his supporters gathered during last winter’s Orange Revolution.


At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

from McAnonymous:

Hear, hear. Yulia is a schemer, plain and simple. I don't believe that she cares one iota for the average Ukrainian citizen. The only thing that worries me now is that all of her shceming ways will be directed at Yushchenko. I hope he's up to the challenge.


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