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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas not so merry down under as Lebanese gangs disrupt yuletide church celebrations

By Aussiegirl

Australia experiences a mini-Kristallnacht as Lebanese gangs violently disrupt and attack churches and churchgoers in Sydney, forcing the cancellation of Christmas at many venues. Coming soon to a suburb near you as Muslims begin to feel their oats and gain sizable minorities in various communities. Already in Hamtramick, MI the call to prayer is heard city-wide 5 times a day.

Notice that the police are so afraid of these gangs that they do not respond even when parishioners are attacked and shots are fired inside churches. And don't forget that Australia has disarmed its population, so the citizenry is completely helpless when even the cops refuse to come to their aid.

Gangsters' hold on Sydney is safe - Opinion - smh.com.au

For too long our politicians and police have turned their backs on a festering problem writes Miranda Devine.

FORGET Clover Moore as the Grinch of Sydney's Christmas. The "Lions of Lebanon" with their Glock pistols and Molotov cocktails have put her to shame this holy season. While the NSW police lock down entire beachfront suburbs, instruct stores to stop selling baseball bats, and apply the full force of the law to pasty-faced nerds with a taste for Nazi literature, they continue to cower from the real hardmen, the Lebanese-Australian criminal gangs of Sydney's south-west who have ruled the roost in this city for at least a decade and now number in their thousands.

So when parents and children attending Christmas carols on Monday night, December 12, at St Joseph the Worker Primary School in South Auburn were abused and spat on by "young men of Middle Eastern appearance", there were no police to protect them. Not even when the sounds of gunshots echoed inside the church, and parked cars were pumped full of bullets. "Police were called by a number of parents and the principal, but they were unable to attend because they were needed elsewhere," said Cardinal George Pell in a statement.

The police were busy that night - Sydney's mini Kristallnacht "night of the broken glass" - as carloads of men drove east from Lakemba and Punchbowl to systematically attack whole streets of parked cars with bats and machetes. Identified by police as being of the proverbial Middle-Eastern appearance - code for Lebanese Muslim, despite the fact many are second-generation Australians - they also stabbed a man, smashed a woman's head with a bat, attacked another woman in a pizza shop and a man who was putting out his rubbish.

They were extracting revenge for the riot the day before on Cronulla beach when a protest against continuing intimidation of beachgoers by thugs described as Lebanese turned ugly and drunken racists attacked passers-by suspected of being "Lebs".

The retaliation from the gangs of the south-west was a calculated show of strength, with victims reportedly being asked if they were "Australian" before being attacked. Over the next 24 hours another three churches in Sydney's south-west were attacked.

With police unable to guarantee safety, Holy Spirit College at Lakemba cancelled its carols service. Other schools in the south-west cancelled concerts and end-of-year presentations or hired security guards.

Thus the lead-up to Christmas this year has been notable for a rash of cancellations of traditional yuletide activities. The North Cronulla surf carnival was called off. As was the Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club's annual Christmas cheer party, and a carols concert expected to draw 3000 people to Coogee beach.

Rather than a problem of race, religion or multiculturalism, Sydney is suffering from a longstanding crime problem. It is a textbook case of how soft policing and lenient magistrates embolden successive waves of criminals, infecting other people who might otherwise have been law-abiding.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

It`s hard to believe the Aussies are allowing this to go on! Hasn`t ANYONE learned from 911?

At 12:47 AM, Blogger Esther said...

Thanks so much for posting this (and Tim for linking to it). My heart goes out to everyone dealing with this. It's really frightening.

At 2:06 AM, Blogger Alnot said...

Thank God that Americans have the second amendment and will not put up with such nonsense.

At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi their anyone hats reading this, I just want to say before thhis happened in australia it happened in lebanon, The lebaense christians such as my self all migrate outside lebanon to live a better life, lebanese is a christian country though its not seen as one as muslim are always causing trouble, just like they raped and attacked churches here, they have been doing it for hundreds of years in lebenon, we lebanese christians couldn't speak, if we did they attacked, so please not use the term lebanese these 18 diiferent religions in lebanon, use the term muslim, as they are muslims who preach hatred and are violent towards other, A lebanese christian will never harm anyone, They actuallt like australia as they can go to church in piece,


At 11:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi their,

I just want to set the record straight, please use the term muslim not lebanese, as lebanese refers to lebanese christian, jewish and another 16 religions, lebanon has 18 religions, I am however a lebanese christian, my Parents came here from lebanon in 1974, at that time cyprus was having a war with turkey and the arab Israeli conflict was going on, a couple of years later, the Muslims in my dad viilage decided they want to wipe out the chritsians from lebanon, so They rape our girls, married the prettty ones by force, killed our men, and took our houses, they also bombed the orthodox church three times, therefore I'll teach you a lesson my parents told me, never trust one they could be your friends for years and turn on you, My grandma feed her neighbours who where muslim in lebanon, instead of showing appreciation they plotted to kill my uncle because he was christian and educated, the rapes you have seen in australia, lebanese christians girls have been through it for hundreds of years, Muslim have no morals, they have no brains, their parents brain wash them from when their young with hatred towards christians, they are violent, do the christian and open the door when they knock, but never marry one, trust one, or sleep with one, these are the three things they try to get to convert a christian girl, I personally hate their religion as I think its kind of like an anti christ religion, so please guys use the term muslim and not lebanese as I have never seen a lebanese christian on news or in the paper which is good, lebanese christians actually like australia as they can live in piece.


At 4:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to all that believe that racist hatred can solve previous racist hatred

id like to comment on all opinions that are predjudice against muslims

i am not muslims - im lebanese maronite catholic - i agree with the fact that in the past and the present both lebanon and australia and many oter middle eastern countries - there is conflict between races - and i agree that lebanese muslims are the main problem of this stereotypical hostility based on lebs here

theres something however - that all races and nations involved areforgetting - and thatis that weve all been through this before
..in wars which havelead to racial genocide...
.... in crusades which have continued into present conflict .. (which .. mind u - lebanese christians werent angels in either)
... in 9-11 .. as mentioned above and...
.... in americas raid of iraq

its pretty evident that this mentality is simply a repeat of history ... and as theold saying goes ... those who dont learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

im not asking anyone to change their attitude on lebanese muslims or lebanese in general - i dont expect ppl to take crap from others just to prove themselves the better person ... im simply asking to consider both sides

.. not all muslims are gun raving maniacs

.. not allof the religion or versions of the muslim faith are prejudice and inhumane

... not all christians are perfect either and

... not all 'australians' are truly australian

were in this country together and no one isleaving anytime soon so without being too forward .. grow up and get used to it

do u want to make this country safer ... fight criminals not muslims or australians

end recial prejudice and understand that none of this death and destruction happening in lebanon isreal australia or china is going to end while we are goingto worry only about protecting our own names

... im not saying i have a solution to world conflict - im just saying for god sake its a start

peace out!!!

At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:20 AM, Anonymous cheap viagra said...

This is something really serious because no one could believe Lebanese gangs are attacking churches, that's something rare, the state should take the correct role ti punish them.m10m

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Kamagra said...

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