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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Churches targeted by Muslim gangs in Australia

By Aussiegirl

Here's the proper perspective on what is going on in Australia. Political correctness and multi-culti oppression of the majority culture is bearing a bitter fruit. Muslims arrogantly expect host societies to bend to their backward cultural ways. Eventually there is a backlash and unless the government addresses the issue in some common sensical way, the backlash is not going to be pretty. But notice that while the original violence was really just a fight between rival groups over dominance in a beach area, the reprisals by Muslims have been extremely violent, directed at Christian targets and highly organized. Who is the racist here? Australians are about the nicest people in the world and have successfully assimilated a large number of immigrants of varying backgrounds in the relatively short time since WWII when my family arrived there as refugees from Ukraine. When even their patience is tried, you know things have gone way too far.

Here's the real story of how the original violence began -- hardly a planned race riot or planned attack on Muslims as it was portrayed in the press.

Read more:

After weeks of escalating tensions attributed to unruly behavior by Lebanese youths on city beaches, surfers and other locals of a suburb called Cronulla organized a beachside demonstration last Sunday which erupted into clashes between whites and people of Arab origin.

Because of racist taunts, the presence of some white supremacist activists and the targeting of people according to their appearance, the clashes were quickly labeled "race riots," although some observers said it was more accurate to call them turf struggles between two groups of badly-behaved youngsters, fueled by excessive drinking.

And here's some information on the specific targeting of Christian churches:

As police in Sydney brace for the possibility of more street brawls this weekend, Christian symbols have become a new target following last Sunday's clashes between white Australians and ethnic Arab gangs.

Four such attacks were reported in two days - a Uniting church hall was torched; an Anglican church's windows were smashed; Molotov cocktails were thrown at another Anglican church; and gunshots were fired at parked cars and parents and children verbally abused outside a Catholic primary school Christmas carol service.

And from another source:

Herald Sun: More to the riots than racism [16dec05]

FOUR attacks on churches in 24 hours remind us it's foolish to dismiss the riots in Sydney as just proof of white Australian racism.

Yes, the scuffles at Cronulla on Sunday were brutal and cowardly. But they seemed in part driven not just by beer, but exasperation at the failure of police to deal with Lebanese gangs who'd harassed beachgoers for years. And only a few people were hurt and none seriously.
Yet this was, to the usual suspects, confirmation of "our" racism – of the "racial exclusion" that La Trobe University's Professor Marilyn Lake yesterday said was "a deep part of our heritage".

But see now the far worse retaliation by Lebanese gangs. Over the past days we've seen a man stabbed in the back, a woman bashed in the face with a bat, businesses smashed and more than 100 cars wrecked.

Now the gangs have allegedly burned the hall of a Uniting church – a church catering for Tongan Australians. They've smashed the windows of St Thomas's Anglican Church – attended by Chinese Australians. And they've allegedly shot up cars outside a carols service for mainly Maronite Christians – Australians of Middle Eastern background.

Each assault was against a proof of "our" welcome to people of other races. Those who say this strife is about nasty "us", as in white racists, are blind, or maybe racist themselves.


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