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Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Muslim writes about freedoms in America

By Aussiegirl

The American Thinker publishes an interesting article which originally appeared in Arabic for an Arabic readership, explaining the unbelievable blessings and freedoms granted to Muslims in our country.

When I see these same unprecedented freedoms granted to Christians in Moslem countries I'll feel good about it. Until then, it's a fool's bargain. They will come here, take advantage of all these freedoms and blessings and still hate America and everything we stand for, and either tacitly or openly plot our destruction. It's in the Koran -- we are still the land of the infidel -- the stupidly very welcoming infidel who invites the Trojan horse of Muslim immigration into our midst at our own peril. Meanwhile, spare me the praise, and save your rhetoric for making things freer in your own benighted countries.

The American Thinker

[Editor’s note: this article was written by a Magdi Khalil, a journalist in London and Egypt, writing for an Arabic readership. It is translated with the author’s permission. An earlier article of his explaining the United States to his readers can be found here.]

The recent disturbing articles and news in the Arabic media may very well lead people to believe that the Muslims living in the United States are being subjected to collective persecution or even eradication ─a false accusation easily refuted by the fact that millions of Muslims continue to apply for emigration to, and temporary residence in, the United States for study and business purposes. Polls conducted by credible organizations show that even now, and in spite of the unprecedented hostility towards the United States and the West, millions of Muslims around the world still aspire to live in the United States or Europe.

I would like to shed light on the situation of Muslims living in the United States, and to call readers’ attention to a number of significant facts:

1. Muslims are able to practice their religious rituals and celebrations freely, as well as openly maintaining and asserting their cultural traditions.

2. They are granted total religious freedom including the freedom to proselytize anywhere, even within the American prison system; a CNN report indicated that the ratio of prisoners who convert to Islam each year is 1:6.

3. Muslims have the right to establish Islamic schools, institutes and universities anywhere in the United States with no constrictions; the American government has even provided support to some of these institutions.

4. Muslims have the right to establish their own media, with no restrictions or particular conditions, whether they will operate in their own languages or in the English language. They also have total access to Arab and Islamic media in the form of newspapers, magazines and satellite channels, and though most of those are openly hostile to the United States, none of them have been banned by the US.

5. There are numerous registered Islamic institutions and associations that are concerned with the defense of Muslims‚ rights, freely operating under the American law. No restrictions are imposed on these associations as long as they are not associated with international terrorist organizations.

6. Muslims in America have the full right to wear the Islamic outfit, and to worship during working hours in most governmental agencies, schools and institutes.

7. At the beginning of each new American Congress, verses from the Holy Quran and Islamic prayers are recited among other prayers, underlining the fact that Islam is part of the mainstream religious landscape of the U.S.

8. Muslims have the right to build mosques anywhere in the US with no restrictions other than the ones that apply to buildings in general and to other houses of worship.

9. Muslim feasts are considered official holidays in schools where there is a significant Muslim presence, as well as for Muslim employees.

10. Following the events of September 11, 2001, a strong warning was issued against targeting the Muslims or subjecting them to abusive or vengeful measures, clearly stating that offenders would be subjected to serious penalties.

11. Complaints of abuse or discrimination are examined and handled with honesty and earnestness.

12. The Bush Administration has offered its apology to Muslims, and openly rejected the insulting approach used by a few individuals in the media.

Just curious -- has the Saudi government, or have the Arab people, or any Muslims for that matter ever apologized for 9/11 and all the terror attacks since then, all the terror and destruction visited on us daily by their co-religionists? I didn't think so. What fools these people take us for. And they try to lull is with praise for the very tolerance with which they will eventually overwhelm us. It's like the snake hypnotizing its victim before it strikes. Many of us aren't buying, Magdi, neither are we fooled by your false praise. It's like the wolf praising the lamb for its gentleness and meekness.


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