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Friday, February 03, 2006

NATO's new nemesis

By Aussiegirl

I hadn't heard of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization before, but, as this final paragraph states, it certainly bears watching closely.

FrontPage magazine.com :: NATO�s New Nemesis by Robert T. McLean

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is less a force for stability and cooperation than it is an expanding alliance determined to counter the interests of the West. American and NATO efforts in Central Asia have been damaged by the SCO in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. NATO has found its new nemesis, and where the SCO has gained influence at the expense of the United States and its allies, the human rights situation has deteriorated. The development of the SCO bears watching. A continuous growth of the alliance could spark a return to the block politics that defined the Cold War, and that is a future the West would be wise to avoid.


At 9:29 PM, Blogger marko said...

The SCO most certainly is something to watch - perhaps the biggest threat to the West in existence today. The combined military, economic, and natural resources of the member and client states of the SCO exceed by far the combined resources of the West.

Their combined resources are displayed in missiles, guns, rockets, planes, ships, new higway construction all over SE Asia, factories, mining, oil, combined recent military maneuvers, etc.

Ours is tied up in the "service economy" - financial services, high-tech consulting, etc. Our military tries to do more with less. If there is a war between the two blocs, who do you think would win?

"Shock and awe" doesn't work on hundreds of millions of people scattered over a large portion of Asia.


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