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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cyber Cossack tells it like it is

By Aussiegirl

OK -- here are two of the smartest Ukrainian pundits around -- check out Cyber Cossack and Orange Ukraine for excellent analysis of the real meaning of the Ukrainian elections. Yanukovych is NOT the winner. He garnered only 30% of the vote, way less than he polled in the last presidential election. The Orange Coalition together still outpolls Yanukovych's Russian-leaning Party of the Regions by at least 15%.

Here's just a taste of Cyber Cossack's excellent writing -- be sure to click and read the rest, as well as all the good links to other commentary on the election.

Cyber Cossack

There are no bounds to Yushchenko’s skills as a leader as he along with Ukraine are the Clear winners.

The MSM is still floating the absurd notion of a “victory” for Moscow but they are apparently confused with the country to the north.

No, a “Moscow” victory would have been replete with dioxin, multiple shot suicides, and other sovietesque anomolies.

This election was a win for Yushchenko as his stated goal in the first term was to build a nation, and this jackboot-free election is the first significant act of a free and united nation.


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