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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Things are worse in Denmark than we imagined

By Aussiegirl

Please read this alarming article about how bad things have gotten in Denmark. It turns out that the cartoon jihad was just the tip of the Islamic iceberg. Denmark is getting closer and closer to becoming Eurabia's first full-fledged member. Here's the most frightening sentence from the article: Today, it seems that even non-Muslim majorities are requested to descend into dhimmitude to avoid the wrath of some new immigrants. Denmark today, the United States tomorrow?

TCS Daily - Descent into Dhimmitude

While most media accounts of the "cartoon jihad" focused on the publication of the cartoons, and on the ensuing violent reaction by some Muslims -- who were depicted by the much of the press as victims! -- few reporters have ventured to describe the increasingly hostile climate that Muslim extremists had succeeded in creating in Denmark before the publication. In fact, an examination of Jyllands-Posten's own pages reveals why its editors likely decided to publish the cartoons in the first place -- as well as why the obscurantist rioters were so confident that they would prevail.

[...] These incidents, all disturbing, don't even scratch the surface of the appeasement Danes have made to accommodate the people who unleashed violence against them. In Copenhagen's public schools, the only food available to students -- regardless of their religious affiliation or lack thereof -- are Halal (prepared according to Islamic dietary requirements). In Denmark, a country which enjoys well-deserved praise for the courage with which citizens came together to save its small Jewish community during World War II, Danish Jewish students today cannot attend certain public schools because their very presence is viewed by administrators as "provocative" to radicalized Muslim peers. The country's only Jewish school, Copenhagen's 300-pupil Carolineskolen, founded in 1805, nowadays is constrained to operate behind a double ring of barbed wire.

[...] Historically, non-Muslim minorities (i.e., Jews and Christians) could escape the ravages of violent jihad only by surrendering to Islamic domination through a treaty of agreed-upon subjugation and oppression (dhimma) that turned them into "protected persons" (dhimmis) with second class status within the real of Islam. Today, it seems that even non-Muslim majorities are requested to descend into dhimmitude to avoid the wrath of some new immigrants. But, to paraphrase our own American Freedom Marchers, we are citizens, not dhimmis. Of course, once one has let oneself be treated like a dhimmi, it becomes hard to protest.


At 7:20 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

The West is losing the war.

Everyone had better buy themselves a comfortable rug, we`re all going to need it!

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous scribe said...

Things were much worse when Churchill, in 1939, was trying to get the Chamberlain government to see the facts. By the time, Hitler invaded Poland, things could not have been worse for England. But Churchill kept fighting back in Parliament and in the newspapers against the tide of defeatism and sell-out. If Churchill said to himself that "the war is lost" as Foreign Secretary Halifax did (who even suggested that England surrender even before France was invaded)--if Churchill had said "the war is lost", then the war would have been.

The West has definitely lost its way--but the war is not lost, unless we give it up now. There is still time, and the time is to make Westerners know what it is that they are surrendering. The West needs to rediscover itself. There is no higher and more complete form of freedom than that which was inspired by the Judeo-Christian ethos. Use your blogsites to help everyone rediscover freedom and its true principles. Right now, too many in the West are willing to trade our freedom off for slavery-through-depravity or slavery-through-fascism.


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