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Friday, March 31, 2006

Mexico North?

By Aussiegirl

An eye-opening op-ed piece by Diana West on how much things have changed in Los Angeles -- and not for the better.

Mexico North?�-�Editorials/Op-Ed�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper

As one of those American rarities — a Los Angeles native — I looked at recent, mainly Mexican protests against proposed restrictions on illegal immigration with more than just outrage over lost U.S. sovereignty. I was also reflexively examining aerial photos to pinpoint where in L.A. those hundreds of thousands of Mexican-flag-waving demonstrators were marching.
It was downtown Los Angeles, of course, a section of the sprawling city I rarely visited growing up. Then it hit me: As a little kid in the 1960s, my mother had taken me on an outing to Olvera Street, an old section of downtown ("old" for Los Angeles being mid-to-late-19th century) where visitors went to enjoy folkloric Mexican food and crafts as — it sounds unbelievable now — a colorful tourist attraction. And visitors still go there. But then it really hit me: There weren't that many Mexicans in Los Angeles back then.

[...] But then what — another fourfold increase over the next 20 years? That would equal 48 million illegal, mainly Hispanic, aliens by 2026. It's not impossible — particularly if we continue to shroud the issue in the irrational silence of taboo, never asking the most basic questions. Such as: Should America plan to become a Hispanic nation? The question is neither "racist" nor "xenophobic," but central to any coherent policy. If the answer is yes, we all might as well salute the red, white and green. If not, we better call our senators


At 8:37 PM, Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Great post, Aussiegirl!

When I wrote my piece last year on illegal immigration, I had a lot of people angry with me because I used the liberal PEW Hispanic Center numbers, which were very low. The numbers of illegal immigrants may be much, much higher.

In fact, we cannot hold the southwest and Texas much longer.

How can we deny Mexicans the right to control their own destiny when we have demanded that of the former Soviet Union? If people have the right to self-determination, how can we argue against the partitioning of the United States?

We are in big trouble.


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