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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Menace in Europe

By Aussiegirl

Berlinski wrote the book Menace in Europe that Mark Steyn talked about in his article Wake up, Europe -- it may already be too late, posted below.

FrontPage magazine.com :: Menace in Europe by Jamie Glazov

FP: Dr. Berlinski , welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Berlinski : It’s a pleasure. Please call me Claire.

FP: Okay Claire. So introduce us briefly to the menace in Europe.

Berlinksi: In brief: Europeans are lazy, unwilling to fight for anything and willing to surrender to anyone; they are fascinated by decadence; they favor the bureaucracy over the corporation; they are unable to assimilate their immigrants; they no longer have children; they no longer produce much of cultural or scientific significance; they have lost their religious vocation and they no longer hold their lives to be meaningful.

FP: Sounds like nihilism and suicide to me. And just to crystallize matters, why exactly do you use the word “menace”?

Berlinski: Because the circumstances I describe have rendered Europeans more or less completely blind and incapacitated when confronting threats to their own civilization.


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