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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The world's tallest tree -- 379.1 feet tall!

By Aussiegirl

The tree in the photo, the middle tree, is not Hyperion, the new record-holder, but the ex-world's-tallest-tree, Stratosphere Giant, a mere 370.5 feet tall. Notice the tiny figure of a man in a sling half-way up the right-hand side of Stratosphere Giant. That gives you some idea of how tall it is. But I thought finding the picture of a 370.5 foot building would be more dramatic, so using a conversion unit for building stories of 13.14 feet = one story (thus 370.5 feet = a 28-story building), I typed "28 story building" into Google Images, and voila! out came the building photo above. Imagine, a living tree as tall as that building!

California: A New Tallest Tree - New York Times

Published: September 30, 2006

A redwood tree discovered in a remote California forest has turned out to be the world’s tallest tree, edging out one nearby that had been the titleholder. Prof. Steve Sillett of Humboldt State University said the record-setting tree, named Hyperion, was 379.1 feet tall, bettering the previous record holder, the 370.5-foot-tall Stratosphere Giant. Researchers exploring remote and rugged terrain this summer in the Redwood National and State Parks along California’s northernmost coast also discovered two other redwoods taller than the Stratosphere Giant, suggesting there had been many more massive ancient redwoods in the area, Professor Sillett said.


At 7:45 PM, Blogger M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

I've got the only photo available for Hyperion if you would like to use a thumbnail image no wider than 130 pixels.

Hyperion Redwood and Largest Coast Redwoods

It's down the page.

Best I known, there is no other photo of Hyperion online.



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