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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Writer's block

So -- now I know I'm a writer because I officially have writer's block. Every time I think of what I want to write in here I think -- what's the point -- or -- I should do some more research on that topic -- or -- now's not the best time to write on that topic.

So -- they say the best way to overcome writer's block is to just sit down at the typewriter -- er -- keyboard and just start. So -- here I am. ------ hmmmm ------ so far nothing's happening ----- looks like that's not the exact solution I was looking for. Let's try something else.
Today's news. Why does this all start to look like Ground Hog day?? Another inspiring and wonderful speech to start the morning, this time complementing my English Breakfast tea and my English muffin to a tee (yeah --- so I grew up in Australia and learned to love a strong blend of bitter milky tea with a muffin and butter and jam). Prime Minister Allawi -- looking so avuncular and friendly and warm and strong -- delivering a wonderful and inspiring speech. And I see the sour lumpen face of Senator Barbara Mikulski, half of the dynamic duo representing my sad state -- the People's Republic of Maryland -- the other half being the witty, urbane and charismatic Senator Paul Sarbanes (or maybe he died -- I'm not quite sure anymore).
Be that as it may -- I'm wondering how any human being with a shred of humanity and decent feeling could fail to be moved by this man's stirring address -- and then I see -- oh yes -- there are plenty of people out there with darkness in their hearts who aren't inspired at all. But -- I persevere -- I actually finish my tea and muffin with a modicum of good feeling. Things are going to be OK in Iraq -- we have competent and good men in charge -- like Allawi and President Bush -- and who could fail to see the logic that there is no way but to complete the task and to overcome these terrorists -- that to fail is unthinkable.

So far so good. Then you know what happened -- Kerry -- giving a live press conference spouting the same nonsense. I'm not even going to repeat it because it's what he said yesterday and the day before and the day before that -- and world without end, amen, amen, etc. etc. So -- now the muffin is sitting a tad precariously down there where it had been resting quite comfortably just a few moments earlier. I'm really going to have to get a handle on these emotions.

Then of course, there was the press conference. Oy -- as Carol would say -- the insolence and cluelessness of the press needs no further exposition from me here -- this too we've seen before.

So what's new? I'm Rather bored with Rathergate -- sure -- it's a great scandal, and outrageous -- but my feeling is that it's out of my hands now. The 2 person (!!!) panel has been appointed, duly comprised of the usual suspects -- a flaming liberal and a RINO (this time with a grudge against Karl Rove due to Rove suing him years ago for an unpaid campaign bill). � As usual the RINO can be counted upon to do the "gentlemanly thing" in the vain but still fervently sought after hope that -- some day -- in a universe or a galaxy somewhere, somehow -- if the RINO bends over backwards hard enough to be liked, the flaming liberal will not kick him in the groin while he's bent over. Fat chance. The outcome of this is predictable. According to tradition, the women and children will be thrown overboard first (Mary Mapes -- not that she's not deserving, mind you -- but she's hardly the only guilty party here) and of course -- let us not forget the "Mystery Woman" -- the no doubt legendary and mythical "Lucy Ramirez". If there are any children at CBS I'm sure they'll be thrown to the sharks as well, along with a number of underlings to keep them company. Everyone will shake hands, dust themselves off and suggest that "Can't we all just move on now."

So -- I'm still counting on the Blogosphere and the Pajama Brigade to ferret out some yet undiscovered irrefutable evidence that there was big time collusion between CBS and the DNC. The American Thinker -- http://www.americanthinker.com/articles.php?article_id=3866) -- in today's excellent article begins to draw such a timeline with interesting bits of information drawn from a number of sources. The Blogosphere still gets the story, while the old men posture and clear their throats.

So on the whole -- not a bad day. But -- I still got this dang writer's block. And I'm just not sure how I'm going to get over it.


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