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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Cranky Cronkite

By Aussiegirl

Uncle Cranky Cronkite has struck again -- "And that's the way it is." he stated, in the memorable phrase we all remember from our childhood's, when Uncle Cranky would sagely remove his glasses as he prepared to gaze into that screen and tell us something really profound -- and really true. The most trusted man in America. That traitor. Who declared the Vietnam war lost, when it was no such thing.

Oh, doesn't that take us back to those innocent days of yore. When we sat back quietly like good little boys and girls and swallowed our pablum like we were supposed to. And Uncle Cranky patted us on the head and told us we could trust everything he said -- because -- "That was the way it was."

Well, Uncle Cranky has come out of retirement, where he spends his days quietly tying flies and plotting the constitution of the new world order he sees as the last best hope of liberals everywhere.

Yes, boys and girls, Uncle Cranky believes that that evil sorcerer, Karl Rove, possesses such power that he has produced, out of a puff of smoke, and just in time for Halloween -- the ultimate boogie man himself -- Osama Bin Laden.

Uncle Cranky and Kerry have had a big scare. And even though they don't believe in the supernatural, they can come up with no other rational explanation for the sudden appearance of Osama than that Karl Rove has had him under a spell and has been carrying him around in his back pocket for all these years, only to release him from his bondage in time for the October surprise.

And they say that liberals have no faith!!!


At 9:09 AM, Blogger BonnieBlueFlag said...

It is so sad that people like Walter Cronkite don't know when to get off the stage. You would think that he would have learned from David Brinkley's example of looking foolish during his final TV appearance.

Walter Cronkite should leave us with our memories of him, rather than trying to grab the limelight one more time, and in so doing ruin his image entirely.


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