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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Yellow Ribbons

by BonnieBlueFlag

For months and even years now we have loudly proclaimed, "I Support the Troops!" We have yellow ribbons and patriotic symbols everywhere.

We have done what we could as we are hunched over a keyboard in our pajamas and slippers, while our men have faced the hardships of being away from home and family.

On Tuesday, November 2, people like John Kerry, George Soros and Osama bin Laden will attempt a "Bloodless Coup d'etat." If they are successful, the Troops that we supposedly support, will be handed over to a Commander in Chief who is totally "Unfit for Command!"

Our Troops have endured extreme heat and living conditions, to keep the terrorists away from Main Street America. All they have asked for in return is the Commander in Chief of their choice, "President Bush."

We who have said, "I wish there was more that I could do," must go to the polls on Tuesday, must enlist everyone we know to go vote, and to vote for President Bush.

Even if you live in a state that shows Bush ahead by 15 points, you must go wait in line in the heat or the rain to make your voice heard. For almost 4 years now we have heard repeatedly, that Bush did not win the popular vote. Maybe he would have, if the news media had not declared Gore the winner in Florida before their polls even closed!

The minions of Kerry, Clinton, Soros and bin Laden will be everywhere. They will especially attempt to thwart the vote of the military, because they know it will be heavily for Bush. We have the added responsibility of voting for our Troops wherever we can. When we walk into that voting booth, a US Soldier or a Marine may be standing beside us.

For those of us who cannot pick up a gun and walk a post, we must pick up a ballot and vote for President Bush!


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

Thanks, BonnieB. for that inspiring call to arms. We must arm ourselves with ballots instead of bullets. Remember, as Hugh Hewitt says in this book, "If it ain't close they can't cheatk!"

Beautifully said!

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Pindar said...

Such an impassioned letter to us all to do everything in our power to prevent what would surely be the most catastrophic election in our history, with known and unknown consequences played out in the most dangerous time of world history. BonnieBlueFlag waves the flag of patriotism and urges us all to follow her, if not with guns, then with ballots, to try to defuse this terrible crisis nearly upon us.


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