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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Debate overload

By Aussiegirl

I don't know about anybody else, but I have debate fatigue. I can't imagine a more pointless and meaningless waste of time than a debate. Especially the way these debates have been staged, reported and spun. In the future, I think we ought to dispense with these ridiculous reality shows completely and depend on "just the facts, ma'am". That one of the most important elections of this century -- which may decide our future security against a fanatical enemy bent on destroying us -- may rest on a few hours of pointless blather bathed in artificiality and stagecraft, is a sad commentary on the superficiality of our times.

Who ARE these blithering idiots who are still "undecided"??? I don't believe there are such people. And those that profess they are undecided are disingenuous at best, and outright leftist liars or fools at worst, and should be prevented from voting at any cost. Pampered poodles demanding "Stroke me some more, I'm still not quite sure".

What we need are some good-hearted and unambiguous opinions, not more "nuance" from the nuancically endowed among us. No, I want someone to say -- unambiguously -- I know the path we must follow and it is to defeat the enemy at all costs, hang the difficulty.

On this score Prime Minister Howard has scored an impressive and resounding victory in Australia. Bravo, maties!! Firmly rejecting the whiny appeasement and anti-war rhetoric of the so very "over" Labor party, the voters handed a staunch vote of confidence to a policy of strong international engagement in the war against terror, standing by their American allies -- and a ringing endorsement of Howard's forward looking and muscular domestic economic policies (he campaigned on harvesting the forests for timber and creating jobs, among other free-market initiatives). Let THAT be a slap in the face to Kerry's sister who carried on her brother's appeasement and anti-war traditions by urging Australians to abandon the alliances and warning them that they were opening themselves up to terror by standing by the United States. Looks like another Kerry left standing naked in the glare of publicity.

The other hint of encouragement that can be taken from the Howard win in Oz is that the polls were dead even going into the race, and all the predictable sources were announcing ahead of time that the election was a "referendum on the war in Iraq", fully expecting a defeat for Howard. When they got a thumping big win instead, they quickly hastened to label the win "because of the strong economy". Either way it doesn't wash. Howard is pursuing free market capitalism at home, and robust foreign engagement to eliminate terror overseas before it reaches their homeland. And it is interesting to note that there were no terror incidents IN Australia, although their embassy in Jakarta was bombed.

Still, this did not deter the Australians, who obviously still retain some of that pioneer and outlaw spirit that began that great nation of misfits, individualists and nonconformists. Thankfully, it appears that those roots are still there, and the cantakerous Aussie that I remember, the honest, upright and refreshingly upbeat people, so much like our great American types, have spoken up and thrown off the opium haze of Labor welfare and the dole.

The election in this country boils down to this, in my opinion. It is REAL AMERICA -- the America that sends its sons and husbands proudly with a catch in the heart to fight for freedom and liberty, the America that flies the flag unabashedly and proudly, the America which works hard and plays by the rules and goes to church on Sundays and doesn't believe that it is a good thing to be a slick liar and spinmeister.

It is this REAL America vs. the Coalition of the Debased, the abortion lovers, lesbians, Ivy-league leftists, the elites who gather in their enclaves, the enviro-whackoes and other assorted misfits who have coalesced their inchoate rage at what a REAL AMERICA stands for, and like vampires raging at a crucifix they strike out with any vile and underhand method to achieve their goals. They will make pacts with the devil, the terrorists, anyone who hates and reviles America and wants its downfall. Unfortunately, that is what politics in this country has degenerated into.

We have a party where it seems that all the sane and decent folk have gathered against a party of misfits and haters and the rest who pull the democrat lever out of some mind-numbed reflexive habit of a lifetime. The outcome couldn't be more stark.


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