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Friday, May 13, 2005

Huffington afraid to allow comments on new website

By Aussiegirl

It has come to our attention, that Arianna Huffington's site lacks at least one, and perhaps two, distinguishing characteristics of most blogs -- to wit:

1) There is no possibility to comment.

2) There are no trackbacks.

Now -- what do you suppose that's all about?
Could it be that Arianna does not see fit to allow us -- the great unwashed -- the hoi polloi -- to hobnob and mayhap venture to disagree with the Hollywood glitterati twinkling in such merry profusion on her site?

Tsk, tsk -- well -- if you have been just itching to get in your two cents worth, just go to Huffington is Full of Crap and leave your comment there. Don't blame me -- I didn't name the site -- but it was begging to be created.

So many readers -- so many comments -- you had to know the blogosphere would find an outlet for the pent-up demand.


At 4:09 PM, Anonymous One Eyed Cat said...

Arianna is just silly. I think there are good reasons to disallow comments, however. Do you think all blogs should allow them?


At 7:43 AM, Blogger JRob said...

Like I said earlier, Arianna wants to give every hack commentator a chance to have their work unchallenged. If you are going to make outlandish comments like those of Mr.Gelbart and not allow comments, I honestly doubt if one's desire is to promote public discussion.
If you want a few laughs at HP's (well deserved) expense check out

At 5:11 AM, Blogger TJ Willms said...

It takes courage to put up a post laying your thoughts bare to the world and let anyone willing to have a whack at ripping it to shreds. However, the beautiful people haven’t the guts to deal with an opposing opinion that’s why they flock to Ariana’s sheltered world. Their fragile egos couldn’t tolerate an open and honest brush with the “real America” they purport to speak for in their intellectually dishonest postings.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Aussiegirl said...

I think the real beauty of Arianna's site is that she is wittingly -- or more likely unwittingly -- exposing the dearth of real talent and any knowledge of history or insight in Hollywood's current elite -- even among the writers. What is truly amazing to me is that not just fools like Ellen Degeneris and other lightweight actors and actresses and other assorted self-appointed geniuses are devoid of rational thought, but that people who make their living as writers display no discernible knowledge of even the most rudimentary basics of writing. What remains is a sorry spectacle of nothing but their rage, prejudices, hatreds and pretensions laid bare for all the world to see. I personally think Arianna's site is the best thing to come along to finally drive a wooden stake through the heart of the pretensions of the leftist Hollywood elites. They are afraid to engage in an open back and forth -- instead choosing to continue sniping at the public (whom they of course require to pay them homage every day at the box office) from their mansions in Beverly Hills, or whatever burb is currently in fashion out there.

Who knows, maybe Arianna is secretly in the employ of Karl Rove? I wouldn't put it above this "evil genius", as the lefties love to dub him, as being behind this wonderful expose of the total lack of coherent argument, thought or writing from the glitterati. The only people worth reading on the "blog" -- which isn't a blog but a collection of opinion pieces by people who don't normally opine - the only ones worth reading are those people who already are professional writers and whose work appears amply elsewhere on the internet and in print. The fabulous "new" voices we were going to finally hear -- those "champions of democracy and freedom" who have been muzzled by the evil George Bush and the right-wing controlled media -- the Hollywood people -- have exposed themselves as idiots.

I can't wait to hear from Warren Beatty and David Geffen -- and where's Babs? Hasn't she finished reading the Federalist Papers yet?
And where's Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and Goldie Hawn?

No wonder they are afraid of allowing comments.


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