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Thursday, May 12, 2005


By BonnieBlueFlag

As I have said before, there was a tremendous misunderstanding here for most of the last century about what were called the Russian satellite countries. And, while I was taught in school about Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin at Yalta, always in the back of my mind was a simple statement made to me by my mother when I was young; "Roosevelt sold us out at Yalta."

By that statement, she meant that Roosevelt had made too many concessions to the Russians, but what she should have said was that, "Roosevelt sold out the people of Ukraine, Latvia, Georgia, et al."

This was not the first, last, or only time that something I learned at home, would be in direct conflict with a classroom teacher's opinion. Even though it would be years before the popular view point on a historical event would be questioned, in time what I had learned from my mother or father was usually proven to be the more accurate view of history.

After ending formal education, and going on to pursue a livelihood, it was hard to remain abreast of everything that went on in the world. Especially as it was edited by the major media networks for so many years.

With the advent of the Internet, and my good fortune of meeting Aussiegirl well before the Orange Revolution, I have had the opportunity to relearn correctly a good bit of European history.

I now know with certainty that my father's belief in General Patton's desire to continue into Russia at the end of W.W.II, would have been the right thing to do then and for always.

My father, who had served with Patton at the Battle of the Bulge, was absolutely livid, that President Bush 41 did not allow General Schwarzkopf to go into Baghdad to get Saddam Hussein. I would mention that the UN had not authorized the coalition to do much more than free Kuwait, and that would make him even more apoplectic.
He knew then that we had not finished the job, and that we would have to go back eventually. In the meantime Hussein, just like Stalin would kill many more thousands of innocent people, and be given time to rebuild their armies.

The 60th anniversary of VE-Day brought the events of W.W.II to the forefront once again, and gave me the opportunity to share what I have learned from Aussiegirl, and others, with my friends and family. To explain to them that the recent Russian celebration was a farce, because it was really the anniversary of the Yalta sanctioned ruthless domination of Ukraine, Latvia, Georgia, et al., by Stalin and his successors.

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by BonnieBlueFlag


At 2:38 PM, Blogger Michael Morrison said...

Bonnie, your mom ranks up there in the pantheon with Aussie's mom.
They are proof that Cathy Guisewhite was right when she said, "Listen to your mother."
Roosevelt most certainly sold us out, "us" meaning the entire world.
The Ukrainian First Lady reported the people answered "Freedom" when asked what they wanted.
"Freedom" is the last thing on the minds of politicians.
One way to obtain and keep freedom is to get government out of schooling.
Way back in 1974, I managed a campaign for state school superintendent of California.
The late, great Hal Jindrich was our candidate, and his major premise was just that, separate school and government.
We don't want government running churches, partly because we don't want government -- meaning politicians and bureaucrats -- mandating what ideas are right.
And that's exactly why government must be separated from schools.


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