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Friday, May 06, 2005

Here are the reasons Yushchenko should stay home on May 9th

Resolution Regarding the Soviet Occupation of Ukraine and other nations 2 May 2005

WHEREAS the Russian Federation is inviting world leaders to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the defeat of Nazism on 9 May 2005;

WHEREAS 9 May 1945 is generally accepted as the first day of the "Cold War" during which the USSR posed a continual, intentional and dangerous threat to the security and freedom of the peaceful democratic nations of the world;

WHEREAS the Russian Federation claims that the USSR made the most important contribution, compared to the Allies of the time, in this victory over Nazism;

WHEREAS the Russian Federation has not acknowledged the USSR's collusion with Nazi Germany in invading and occupying most of eastern and central Europe, including western Ukraine, through the "Treaty of Non-Aggression Between Germany and the USSR and the Secret Additional Protocol, 23 August 1939" (the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact);

WHEREAS the Russian Federation, as the recognized successor to the USSR, refuses to accept culpability for subjugating and coercively controlling most of the nations and peoples of eastern and central Europe for 50 years;

WHEREAS the Russian Federation is trivializing the Stalinist and post-Stalinist crimes against subjugated peoples, including Russians;

WHEREAS the Russian Federation refuses to condemn those responsible and compensate victims;

WHEREAS the USSR denied legitimate self-determination to numerous peoples and nations in eastern and central Europe, and elsewhere within the USSR, for nearly 50 years;

WHEREAS the Russian Federation is deliberately equating the concept of victory with "liberation" and rejecting any notion of the USSR's aggression against Ukraine, the Baltic States and the other captive nations of the former USSR;

WHEREAS the Russian Federation' s ongoing distortion of historical truth is the primary cause of the general mistrust the peoples of eastern and central Europe have towards Russia and of the consequent tensions in the region;

BE IT RESOLVED that Ukraine's president, His Excellency Viktor Yushchenko, honour the valour and sacrifices of all those Ukrainians who fought for Ukraine's freedom before, during and after the Second World War by remaining in Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, on 8 and and 9 May 2005 and by so doing also hallow the memory of all victims of Nazi and Soviet oppression.
endorsed by:

Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain

Federation of Australian Ukrainian Organizations

le Comite pour la Defense de la Democratie en Ukraine ( CDDU )

l'Union des Francais d'Origine Ukrainienne ( UFOU)

le Comite Ukraine 33

Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Ukrainian American Civil Liberties Association

Ukrainian American Justice Committee

Ukrainian Genocide-Famine Association - USA
.....and others


At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

What an astounding list of crimes and lies and whitewashes! How brave of the presidents of Lithuania and Estonia to refuse to attend and pay homage to the band of thugs and bullies that stomped all over their countries! For these countries the proper celebration is the anniversary of the day when the thugs finally put on their jack boots and left for home.


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