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Monday, May 09, 2005

Fox News Alert!!! Fox moves capital of Ukraine to Tbilisi, Georgia!!!

By Aussiegirl

The Orange Revolution that recently took place in Kyiv, Ukraine has obviously gone completely over the heads of Fox News.

If I had a police alarm thingie that would go round and round like on Drudge, I'd mount one here. Fox News anchor, David Asman, just blithely referred to the live shots coming from Tbilisi, Georgia as "Live shots coming to you from Tbilisi, the capital of Ukraine".

He also repeatedly called the Georgian dancers performing for President Bush "Ukrainian Dancers" and referred to President Bush visiting "Ukraine" following his trip to Moscow.

Two "experts" on Russian affairs being interviewed by him on the status of U.S./Russian relations heard him repeatedly make the claim that Bush was in Ukraine at the moment, and neither one of them begged to differ or to correct him.

And you thought the Orange Revolution had finally put Ukraine on the map!!!

But you know -- they never get Michael Jackson's attorney's name wrong, so we really can't complain.


At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

Given the intellectual level of discourse on Fox, it wouldn't have surprised me if Asman had referred to the live shots as coming from Atlanta, the capital of Georgia.


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