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Monday, May 09, 2005

Where is the Moscow memorial to the victims of communism?

By Aussiegirl

David Frum, writing in today's inaugural edition of The Huffington Post discusses the very strange celebrations taking place in Moscow today and why 60 years on, Russia still has to acknowledge its bloody history in the 20th century. Meanwhile, Germany apologized to everyone -- again. I think Germany has more than acknowledged its history -- now it's time for Moscow to do the same.

. . . But where is the Russian equivalent to the memorial to the murdered Jews built in Berlin? Americans spent hundreds of billions of dollars to contain and defeat Soviet communism - yet where is the American equivalent to the Holocaust museum to recall to mind the Soviet crimes that explained and justified America's sacrifices? And where �" a special question to the audience for this blog �" are the movies that tell new generations the story that Vladimir Putin wishes to consign to silence and forgetfulness?

Maybe this May 9, 2005, is a time to begin "not just a new blog" but a new work of memory.


At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Pindar said...

Here is a quote from this excellent article to describe exactly what is being celebrated today: "The Soviets’ refusal to share a day of celebration with the Western allies was another in a gathering series of warnings of their dangerous postwar ambitions for eastern and central Europe. These ambitions would fasten a new totalitarian oppression on half a continent for almost half a century. So it might accurately be said that the historical event commemorated on May 9 is not the end of the last world war; it is rather the beginning of the Cold War." And, given the sorts of tricks the Russians are up to, the Cold War never really ended, and is still going on.


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