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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Is Tymoshenko a closet socialist?

By Aussiegirl

This Washington Post editorial has some thoughts on what is happening in Ukraine in terms of the economy. I must say that I have had reservations about Tymoshenko from the very beginning. I was wary of her bold fashion style as an indicator of her ego and her need to upstage Yushchenko in a desire to have her own way. I have always been a bit worried that she would not be completely on Yushchenko's team. Recent decisions by her have not quieted these qualms and have instead intensified them. She continues to speak of thousands of re-nationalizations when Yushchenko keeps reassuring everyone that there will only be a dozen or so. All of these economic decisions, coupled with the decision to suddenly raise the value of the hryvnia in relation to the dollar (instantly devaluing most people's savings which are held in dollars), bodes ill for the future economic stability of Ukraine. Rumblings about re-nationalizing large parts of the economy as a way to bring revenue to the government are sure to continue to drive away investment. Did Ukraine have a Hobson's choice between a criminal and corrupt thug -- and closet socialists? Time will tell. But these are disturbing trends.

Read some of the WaPo editorial:

Ukraine's Orange Revolution was an exhilarating and joyful event. It was a classical liberal revolution for democracy and freedom and against corruption. Viktor Yushchenko became the democratically elected president, promising freedom from fear and corruption.


At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that she's a closet socialist or not. I tend toward the view that she's a Tymoshenkoist - anything that keeps her in the PM chair, or moves her forward - is what truly interests her. Her populist playing to the narod is fairly transparent, after all. And, you're right, her ego is truly are-inspring.

I also think that one of the reasons that she likes to have a go at Poroshenko, Kinakh, etc. is that they (certainly the former) may be keeping an eye on her actions for Yushchenko and advising him.

But, for once, I agree with you: Yushchenko has to rein her in. She plays for her own team, not anyone else's.

At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's more:


I would have thought, after he and Khmara put their names to that anti-semite letter recently, that Shkil would have laid low for a while. Pinhead.

When she uses people like Shkil as shills and advisors, my tolerance for her hits all-time lows.

At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Lidia said...

Tymoshenko is starting to look like an outright spoiler. Very disappointing. Somehow her ego doesn't allow her to "get" it that she can't get far on her own just yet. A year ago, she was barely doing better than Kuchma and Medvedchuk. That could easily change again if people begin to realize that she's suckering them with short-term lollipops rather than producing sustainable economic improvement. She seems to have forgotten that a lot of Ukrainians no longer work for the state and pensioners have a tendency to die. No matter how she slices it, her party won't get more than 15-20% in March and where does that leave her? If she supports Yushchenko, she will have more power in the long run, and more popularity. For one thing, his health could easily give out by the time he comes up for a second term. Keep up the good writing, Aussiegirl.


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